Misawa Air Base is a non-public news gathering forum and as such, all civilian media must have approval and an escort prior to entering the base. The 35th Fighter Wing PA media operations team typically makes arrangements to meet civilian media prior to their arrival at the main gate of Misawa AB.

Media interested in covering Misawa activities should call 0176-77-3075 M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., to arrange for an escort and for detailed information regarding upcoming media opportunities.

Media Operations facilitates engagement and two-way communication with service members and the media, which is often one of the most rapid and credible means of delivering the commander’s message. Remaining open, honest and accessible to the maximum extent possible normally results in greater accuracy, context and timeliness in communicating with internal and external audiences. Personnel assigned to Misawa whether permanent or deployed will coordinate all official media requests and queries through the 35th FW/PA office.

Engaging the media: The 35th FW/PA’s media operations office is available to help service members be a better, more confident, more prepared ambassador of the U.S. Air Force. Before engaging with the media, always check with your local PA office.

Comm: 011-81-176-77-3075
DSN : 226-3075

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