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  • Commentary: Let Freedom Ring

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a visionary leader that made a significant impact across the globe. He shared a message of hope, peace, and unity. His selfless sacrifice became a beacon of light shining freedom and justice for generations to come. Leveraging the heartfelt passion within his words,

  • Does your organization have a culture of “No”?

    Over the past three decades, I have observed varying degrees in the shift of Air Force culture. I joined the Air Force in July 1990, one year after the end of the “Cold War.” President Ronald Regan had just defeated the Soviet Union, and the United States was emerging as the World’s only super

  • Army Space - Small Command; Extraordinary Mission

    With only 2,800 military and civilian personnel, the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Force Strategic Command is one of the Army’s smaller commands. However, this three-star command has forces and elements strategically forward-deployed or stationed in 23 different locations across

  • We need our own Kintsukuroi

    As a chaplain, I have been very privileged to serve God’s people in uniform for over 10 years. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to be able to listen to people’s story of life and share in their joys, successes and glories. I am also humbled to listen to their pains, their moments of

  • More Lethal…Medics?

    In his October 2017 memo to Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, the Secretary of Defense challenged us all to “remain the world’s preeminent fighting force” by restoring readiness & building lethality, strengthening alliances, and bringing business reform to the DoD. Readiness and strengthening

  • Are you a builder or a wrecker?

    All of us work (or live) around people who make a difference in our lives. Some of the differences are positive, while some are not so favorable. We probably interacted with people who we called "negative or positive" based on their outlook on a situation.Here is my question, "What about you?" Have

  • Servant Leadership

    As leaders, we sometimes take our position, power and rank for granted. Yes, we earned our stripes, our bars, oak leafs or eagles, but the dedication and trust of our followers--that does not come with rank or authority, it comes from a genuine concern for our people. It comes from practicing

  • Walkie-Talkies

    One of the first few lessons I learned in life was on quality, communication and leadership.  All were centered on a walkie-talkie gift I received when I was around six years old.Transformers were big when I was growing up, and I remember seeing an “Optimus Prime” Walkie Talkie for sale at a local

  • Decisions: Airmen choose Article 15 as wakeup call

    The Misawa Air Base Judge Advocate General shares his perspective on the Article 15 process and the ways in which commanders use the administrative tool to shape units and Airmen’s lives for the better.

  • Career field exchange offers day in neighbor’s boots

    Introducing Misawa’s first-ever career field exchange and shadow program, which provides service members from career fields across the installation an opportunity to experience another’s day-to-day mission and duty expectations.