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  • Filling Cups

    I've been in Misawa for less than a year but I really love being here. When my family and I lived in Germany, we liked the slower pace and safer lifestyle. We were eager to experience the Japanese version and we haven't been disappointed yet. Not only have we enjoyed the culture, but we've even

  • CAP Open House

    We've got great news for past and current members of the Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and anyone else in the Misawa community that is interested.The Misawa Cadet Squadron is resuming activities and is offering an Open House on Thursday, April 19th from

  • Is the Grass Greener?

    With long work hours, deployments and time away from our military service worth the cost? I admit we may occasionally ask ourselves this question and frankly, we should. The military recruits intelligent and critically-thinking service members, so it's only natural to think about this.

  • Diversity is a part of our great heritage

    Have you seen the trailer for the George Lucas-produced World War 2 movie "Red Tails?" It looks like an exciting tribute to the men of the 332nd Fighter Group--a unit of African-American fighter pilots who racked up an astounding record in the European theater and helped pave the way for the racial

  • Self-Discipline

    I recently attended a retirement ceremony for a Navy friend who was making his last trip ashore after nearly 30 years of service. This ceremony was a little different than I am used to. Obviously there are Navy traditions that made the day special for him, but more than that, was who he asked to

  • The Misuse of Prescription Drugs is Unsafe and Illegal!

    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the federal health agency reports that in 2008, 52 million persons in the United States age 12 or older had used prescription drugs non-medically at least once, and 6.2 million had used them in the past month. "With

  • Misawa Food Supply Safe

    It has been ten months since the devastating 9.0 earthquake that caused tsunami and the nuclear crisis at Fukushima. While Misawa Air Base was fortunate in that it suffered only relatively minor structural damage, several members of its community still harbor concerns related to events in the

  • Getting mental health treatment shows strength- I know firsthand

    Since 2001, approximately 300,000 servicemembers have developed depression or some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) upon return from deployment and that number is increasing every day. Mental health services have significantly expanded to meet the growing demand, however, barriers still

  • Why We Serve

    Why do we serve? This is a simple question that warrants reflection every now and then. We do not serve because of the glory, recognition or even simple appreciation. We serve because our country and the free world needs us - whether they realize it or not.We do not serve because of benefits,

  • 30 thoughts compiled over 30 years

    The random thoughts of an aging enlisted guy: 1.  Less than 1% of the current US population serves in the military. Fewer and fewer of our politicians have military service in their resume. As a result, most Americans have no idea what we do for a living. 2.  Why can't we just go back to saying