Why We Serve

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- Why do we serve?

This is a simple question that warrants reflection every now and then.

We do not serve because of the glory, recognition or even simple appreciation.
We serve because our country and the free world needs us - whether they realize it or not.

We do not serve because of benefits, wealth, travel, education or even employment. These things are good to have, but if they are the basis for your service, you should move on.

We do not serve because we are trying to make the rest of the world into carbon copies of our own society. We serve because we feel that our country, with all its faults, established as a melting pot and founded on free will, is still the best thing going.

We do not serve to force our will on others. We serve to use our strength and prosperity to give the oppressed peoples of the world a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We do not serve to police the world. We serve to come to the rescue when no one else can or will.

We serve because there is evil in the world, ladies and gentlemen...and we're the good guys.

Finally, we serve because in the end it is the one true thing that makes life meaningful.

Thank you for your service.