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  • Hachinohe leaders honor Misawa's Operation Tomodachi contributions

    Recently, I had the privilege of representing Misawa Airmen at a charity dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Hajime Izumiyama. Representing the Navy at the dinner was the Commanding Officer of Naval Air Facility Misawa, Navy Capt. Chris Rodeman and his wife. Army Capt. Jason Quash and his wife attended on

  • PME- a wider view

    Professional Military Education is something that gets drilled into a military member's head as soon as we enter our initial training program. We're told to do it if we have any desire to make rank and stay in the military. I was advised to do it early so that if something unexpected came up, it

  • Shoes Off, Eyes Down, and Sticks Separate

    'Always face your shoes toward the exit, bow without eye contact, and never rub your chop sticks together.' These were some words of wisdom provided by Col. Tate to the team of 35th MDG personnel about to embark on a new and exciting cultural experience. After two years of coordination, Col. Tate,

  • USFJ commander sends July 4th message

    Two hundred thirty six years ago, 56 men signed a document that immortalized their vision of a free nation. By signing, these men not only announced the creation of the United States of America, but demonstrated their willingness to sacrifice everything for the belief in certain unalienable rights -

  • COMPACAF sends July 4th message

    Independence Day provides us an opportunity to reflect on our nations' rich history while also celebrating our 236th birthday. While we enjoy the holiday with our loved ones, or on far away shores and separated due to military duties, we should also reflect on the debt we owe to the Soldiers,

  • It's not my job

    "It's not my job." Four simple words that should be considered a four-letter word.Think about these words for a moment and ask yourself what purpose they serve. While you are at it, remind yourself why you serve. It should not take long to sense this phrase' s incompatibility with the mission.

  • Help wanted

    Help wanted: selfless individuals willing to constantly work outside their comfort zones, work for their subordinates and focus on their subordinate's promotions before their own.Does this sound like a job you would apply for? Surprise! If you are a leader at any level in the United States Air

  • PACAF commander sends Airmen Memorial Day Message

    On May 28, 2012, we will pause to honor the memory of our service members who gave their lives in their service to our great nation. For 236 years our military has protected our national interests, at home and abroad in both peacetime and wartime. While our world and our armed forces have changed

  • Memorial Day is more than a long weekend

    As we take time to reflect on this Memorial Day, I would like to thank all our forces in Japan for their service to our great Nation. There are many people who think of this day as the unofficial start of summer with a three- or four-day weekend, but I hope for most it means much more to them than a

  • Leadership versus Likership

    Most Airmen deploying to Iraq as a part of a Joint Expeditionary Tasking in support of the U.S. Army's ground mission had a brief stop at Camp Bhuering, Kuwait for intra-theater training. If they were not sleeping during the bus ride from the airport to Camp Bhuering, they would notice three large