CAP Open House

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- We've got great news for past and current members of the Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and anyone else in the Misawa community that is interested.

The Misawa Cadet Squadron is resuming activities and is offering an Open House on Thursday, April 19th from 7-9p.m. at the Civil Air Patrol building on Risner Circle between the U.S. Navy Lodging and the 35th Communications Squadron. It is open to everyone, but the focus is on kids ages 12-18. Come find out what Civil Air Patrol is all about and consider enrolling in our no-commitment cadet orientation program.

Following the Open House, the squadron's first general membership meeting will be held Thursday, May 3rd from 6:30-9p.m. but will also be open to potential members.

CAP serves America by developing our nation's youth; performing local, state and national missions; and informing our citizens about the importance of aerospace education.

In December 1941, Civil Air Patrol was founded by more than 150,000 citizens who were concerned about the defense of America's coastline. Under the jurisdiction of the Army Air Forces, CAP pilots flew more than 500,000 hours, were credited with sinking two enemy submarines and rescued hundreds of crash survivors during World War II.

On July 1, 1946, President Harry Truman established CAP as a federally chartered benevolent civilian corporation, and Congress passed Public Law 557 on May 26, 1948.

CAP was charged with three primary missions; aerospace education, cadet programs and emergency services. With the passage of Public Law 106-398 in October 2000, Congress provided that "The Civil Air Patrol is a volunteer civilian auxiliary of the Air Force when the services of the Civil Air Patrol are used by any department or agency in any branch of the federal government."

The Misawa Cadet Squadron focuses on the Cadet Programs mission of the Civil Air Patrol, but explores and offers introductory education into CAP's other two missions, Aerospace Education and Emergency Services.