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Public Affairs operations support the warfighter and the public with capabilities that provide trusted counsel and guidance to leaders about public information, enhance Airman morale and readiness to accomplish our mission, and maintain public support for military operations. We also communicate the mission of the U.S. Air Force to provide global influence and deterrence.

Public Affairs Purpose

The U.S. Air Force engages in Public Affairs to provide trusted counsel to leaders; build, maintain, and strengthen Airman morale and readiness; enhance public trust and support; and achieve global influence and deterrence. The triad of Public Affairs practitioners, bandsmen, and broadcasters is dedicated to executing the Public Affairs mission for the Air Force. The triad uses its resources to research, plan, execute, and evaluate communication strategies and tactics.

It is the responsibility of all Airmen to tell the Air Force story. Whether they're representing their base at a community function or representing the U.S. in a wartime or contingency operation, all Airmen are front-line ambassadors for the Air Force. It is imperative for the Public Affairs triad to prepare all Airmen to be credible, intelligent, and articulate spokespersons for the Air Force.

The Public Affairs office contributes to the:

Misawa AB Webpage
Misawa AB Facebook
Misawa AB Twitter
Misawa AB Instagram
Misawa AB Flickr



Provides effective and efficient communication tools to link Airmen with their leaders. CI helps Airmen and their families understand their purpose, role, and value to the Air Force.

A free flow of information to Airmen and their families creates awareness of and support for the mission, increases their effectiveness as Air Force ambassadors, reduces the spread of rumors and misinformation, and provides avenues for feedback.

Misawa Air Base's community relations programs are designed to enhance morale, public trust, support and demonstrate that the Air Force is a community partner and a responsible steward of natural resources. We hope to increase public awareness and understanding of the Air Force's mission. Our goal is to foster positive relations and maintain a reputation as a good neighbor as well as a respected, professional organization charged with responsibility for national security.

Media Operations facilitates engagement and two-way communication with the service members and the media, which is often one of the most rapid and credible means of delivering the commander’s message. Remaining open, honest, and accessible to the maximum extent possible normally results in greater accuracy, context, and timeliness in communicating with internal and external audiences. Personnel assigned to Misawa whether permanent or deployed will coordinate all official media requests and queries through the 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office.

PA Support Requests

Commander's Access Channel
Multimedia Work Order (AF Form 833)

To request photo or video support, please complete the highlighted sections of the Multimedia Work Order, AF Form 833. Digitally sign and date section 24, then E-mail the form. When making Commander's Access Channel requests, please send information in a Powerpoint file along with the Work Order. Only digitally signed forms are accepted.

Public Affairs can also loan out photo equipment to your unit if we are unable to support your request. To request self-help equipment, call DSN: (315) 226-3075 or E-mail us.

Studio Appointments

Studio Appointments

The photo is to be taken for an official purpose. You will be required to fill out an Multimedia Work Order, AF Form 833 upon completion of your appointment.

We are required to provide our customers with high quality, properly exposed and composed digital images. The photographer may assist you with minor adjustments for best subject representation. The photographer is NOT responsible for proper wear of the uniform. Military photographers are NOT authorized (AFI 35-109 and DODI 5040.02) to digitally alter image in any way.

You are required to show up on time for your official studio appointment. You are responsible for proper wear and serviceability of your uniform. You are required to ensure all medals, badges, rank, and U.S. insignia are up to date in accordance with your service record. We have a changing facility for customers. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be seen, and will be required to reschedule your appointment. Customers are responsible for choosing an image before they leave their appointment. Re-shoots will not be granted for customers receiving an image that they are unhappy with on the basis of facial expression, hair style/cut, etc.

**The official portrait/Full Length image will go through a Quality Control process and delivered electronically to the requestor within three duty days. Upon review/QC of the image, if any uniform discrepancies are identified, the image will NOT be delivered, the subject will receive an email and then given an opportunity to reschedule another official studio appointment.**

DSN: 315-226-2400 | E-Mail

Social Media Guidance

To help keep us all in line with Air Force expectations and standards of conduct, here is some guidance for you to consider when using social media.

In general, the Air Force views personal social media sites positively and respects your rights as Americans to use them to express yourself. However, by the nature of your profession, you are always on the record and must represent our core values. When you engage via social media, don't do anything that will discredit yourself or the Air Force.

When using Social Media:
- Think before you post. Use your best judgment because your writing can have serious consequences.
- Remember that you are always on duty and your social media interactions are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
- Don't forget your operations security (OPSEC) considerations. Consider how a post can be interpreted by the public.
- Be cautious about crossing the line between funny and distasteful. If you have doubts about whether you should post something, err on the side of caution.
- If the post in question concerns the Air Force, discuss the proposed post with your supervisor or your local PA office.

Here's the Air Force's latest guide to using social media; it should answer most of the questions you may have about creating and using social media.

The guide also has some good information applicable to all Airmen who have their own personal social media presence. Ultimately, you alone are responsible for what you post.

Social media guidance for your unit:

To request permission to set up a social media site, i.e: Facebook, Twitter, etc., please E-mail us. Justification for requests should include, at a minimum, the requesting unit and name of page administrators, what the page will be used for and why your needs cannot be met by using the official Misawa Air Base Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter pages. 

For information regarding how to lock down your personal social media accounts, click on your respective network below:

Facebook Security Twitter Security
Google+ Security LinkedIn Security


What must be submitted:

The 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office only has the security and policy review authority to clear unclassified information of local or regional interest.  This includes photography taken on the flight line or controlled areas, speeches, presentations, papers, multimedia and visual information material, and information proposed for release to a publicly accessible web site with the exception of Air Force publications. Products requested for release may require review from other base agencies. Our goal is to ensure maximum disclosure, minimum delay.

Products not able to be cleared by the 35th Figther Wing Public Affairs office and or that require higher headquarters review will be submitted to the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center for review. IAW AFI 35-102, SECURITY AND POLICY REVIEW PROCESS

Allow at least 10 workdays for Air Force-level review and clearance and at least 20 workdays for DOD and other Federal agency review and clearance.

Originators must ensure disclaimers accompany all  documents that are not submitted in an  "official Air Force capacity."  

An appropriate disclaimer is: "The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Air Force, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government."

Who must submit: 

All Air Force military and civilian personnel, including Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve personnel on active duty, who release material related to their active-duty assignment, retired military members, and former Air Force civilian employees will use this review service to ensure DOD-related information released to the public is consistent with their requirement to safeguard classified material.

Contractors must submit material proposed for public release for review according to valid contract requirements as specified in Defense Department (DD) Form 254, Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification, DOD 5220.22-R, Industrial Security Regulation, and DOD 5220.22-M, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual

How to submit:

Products requiring review can either be emailed to the 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs 35fw.pa@us.af.mil or dropped off at the 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office Bldg. 507.

Contact Us

35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

DSN: (315) 226-3075
Commercial: 011 81 176 77 3075

Bldg. 507 Risner Circle
Misawa Air Base, Japan

Mailing Address:
Misawa AB, 35 FW/PA
Unit 5009, APO AP 96319-5009
E-mail: 35fw.pa@us.af.mil

Base Operator:
DSN: (315) 226-1110
Commercial: 011 81 176 77 1110

Customer Service Hours:
Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Story Ideas

Story Ideas

To recommend a story idea or submit an article or photograph for publication consideration, E-mail us. All requests will be handled in the order they are received.

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The 2nd Annual Team Misawa Resilient Relationships and Appreciation Day is right around the corner! There are still plenty of events open for sign up! The TMRRAD sponsors encourage participation from families, all service members and anyone else with base access! This event includes FREE food and activities for families to enjoy. To sign up for a sporting event click the link: http://bit.ly/2mlfWhP. If you would like to volunteer for other TMRRAD events, sign up here: http://bit.ly/2Nn2u8R.
Team Misawa, Read and heed before going out this weekend.
Team Misawa, For the Wing Change of Command on Monday, the location of J100 is indicated with a green X on the map below. The red stars indicate the bus location pickups, and the blue hexagons indicate areas to use for parking. Parking at J100 is extremely limited. DO NOT park around JASDF buildings. Bussing begins at 0700 at Bldg 1334, the BX and the Torii Bldg until 0815. Please be in seats no later than 0830. We thank you for taking part in this great occasion, sending off our former commander and welcoming Col Struve to the 35th Fighter Wing!
#FRIENDSHIPTOUR | A critical part of #TeamMisawa's mission is connecting with our local partners. Once a month, the Japanese community gets a closer look at what it takes to be an Airman. Check out the highlights from our latest tour in this video! United States Air Force U.S. Pacific Air Forces Fifth Air Force - 第5空軍司令部 U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部)
Lt. Col. Michael Brough assumed command of the 35th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, July 12.
Team Misawa showcased the F-16 Fighting Falcon and EA18G Growlers to Japan Self-Defense Force leadership. Click below to view more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZsnM_CQr24
Col. Jobe's fini flight | As we say goodbye to our base commander, he says hello to the skies. Friends and family were by his side during his last F-16 Fighting Falcon flight at Misawa Air Base!
The 35 FW Change of Command ceremony will be in Hangar J100 on July 16. We strongly encourage all base personnel to attend. Please be in seats NLT 0830. Parking at Hangar J100 is extremely limited. Because of this, parking J100 will be strictly for DVs. We will be bussing people in from LRS (Bldg. 1334), the BX, the commissary, and the Torii Bldg. starting at 0700 until the last bus at 0815. Seating will be limited, so anyone planning on taking a bus needs to be in line starting at 0700 or risk not getting a seat and missing the event. Finally, the restroom capabilities in J100 are limited, so please take that into account as you prepare for the event. We thank you for taking part in this great occasion, sending off our commander and welcoming Col Struve to the 35th Fighter Wing!
PCS Season| One fact about the Misawa community that newcomers should be aware of is the higher rate of mumps compared to normal U.S. standards. The good news is that mumps can be prevented through immunization! Misawa's Immunization Clinic is a walk-in clinic; no appointments needed! For the hours of operation and more information on vaccines click below! http://www.misawa.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/402252/35th-medical-operations-squadron/
COMMANDER POWER | Maj. Gen. Kenichi Samejima joined Col. R. Scott Jobe for a familiarization flight and vise versa. The flights provided both parties a better understanding of their bilateral capabilities. Samejima serves as the Japanese Air-Self Defense Force 3rd Air Wing commander here. Click below for more information. http://bit.ly/2KVHN6h
Team Misawa, you’re invited to Col Jobe’s fini flight on Wednesday! Parking will be available at Hangars 911 and 909 with escorted access to the flightline at the gate between Hangar 911 and Bldg 918. Please do not park near Bldg 918, as that area is reserved for DVs. Come out to celebrate Col Jobe’s career in the F-16 with us!
Sister from another mister: See how the U.S. Air Force and Army worked together during a Joint Tactic Army Ground Station exercise that included Self Aid Buddy Care, grenade assault courses, reports and battle drills. Click below to see more. http://bit.ly/2KASRX2 United States Air Force U.S.Army
OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY | People play a critical part in the Air Force's mission! The 35th Fighter Wing occupational safety team is on your side. Lets keep the 'Wild Weasel’ off the endangered species list. We'll save the 'Wild Weasel' together! More information here: bit.ly/2u4YMsk United States Air Force U.S. Pacific Air Forces Fifth Air Force - 第5空軍司令部 U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部)
Save the date! Details to follow...
We’re here at AFN Live for the Commander’s Open Line this morning! We’d love to answer your questions; send them to our messages or comment and we’ll do our best to get them answered!
Col. Kenneth E. Moss, the 374th Airlift Wing commander from Yokota Air Base, Japan, flew with Col. R. Scott Jobe, the 35th Fighter Wing commander, aboard an F-16 Fighting Falcon at Misawa Air Base, Japan, June 25, 2018. The two wing commanders routinely partner together, providing agile air mobility and rapid combat airpower, respectively, across the Indo-Pacific region and continue to build on the U.S.-Japan Security Alliance together. Familiarization flights like the one undertaken on June 25 help to educate our partners and friends on the unique capabilities Misawa offers, namely agile combat power, even under contested conditions, in an ever-changing region. Ultimately, understanding each other's missions and airframe requirements encourages more cohesion in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility, allowing us to better respond whenever our nation calls upon us. AMERICA! United States Air Force U.S. Pacific Air Forces Fifth Air Force - 第5空軍司令部 U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) Yokota Air Base
INDEPENDENCE DAY | "242 years ago, the Declaration of Independence established a new republic, inscribing a foundation of unalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We join together to celebrate this momentous achievement, and remember the tremendous risks and sacrifices of our first patriots to secure freedom for all of us who followed." - Honorable Heather Wilson, Secretary of the United States Air Force In this video, Team Misawa members describe what Independence Day means to them! What does it mean to you? U.S. Pacific Air Forces Fifth Air Force - 第5空軍司令部 U.S. Forces Japan (在日米軍司令部) U.S. Navy
Congratulations to all of last month's promotees!
'WE ARE AIRMEN' VIDEO CONTEST | If you've ever thought about using your talents to make videos for the Air Force, here's your chance! Check out the video below for more information and also visit #39;t wait to see what you come up with!" target="_blank">http://www.misawa.af.mil. We can't wait to see what you come up with!
The rust busters: This shop has been around longer than some of you have been alive! Check out how they keep Misawa's vehicles ready for the road... http://bit.ly/2tKUXcF
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