Japanese Serow Monitoring 

Japanese Serow are designated and federally protected as a Special Natural Monument under the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties (Bunkazai Hogohô). Japanese Serow were hunted to near extinction in the 1930s and is now protected as a special species unique to Japan.
Japanese Serow sightings on Misawa Air Base can be reported by clicking the picture above and answering the three questions.
Call 226-WORK (9675) if you observe an injured Japanese Serow.
We appreciate your support reporting Japanese Serow Observations which will bolster Cultural Resources monitoring and management!

1.When did you see the serow (date/approximate time)?

2.What area of Misawa Air Base did you observe the Japanese Serow?  Please provide location details which may include nearest building or street.

3.How many individuals did you observe (single or family)?
4. If you agree, we may contact you about this sighting; please provide your email or phone number (OPTIONAL).