Posting unauthorized photos, videos, or descriptions of missions, resources, or facilities on the Internet in any forum can be a breach in OPSEC or discredit the Air Force.  Therefore, possession, distribution, transfer, or posting, whether electronically or physically, of visual images resulting from any unauthorized photography or videos is prohibited. All imagery must be cleared through 35 Fighter Wing Public Affairs (315) 226-3075 and CVN (315) 226-5160 prior to public release. 

• Photography of open panels on aircraft, inside of cockpit, restricted area control points or security measures is prohibited, unless required for official purposes.

• Taking suggestive or obscene photographs is prohibited.

• Using flash photography in the direction of moving aircraft is prohibited.

• Photographing aircraft without approval from the unit having control of the asset is prohibited.

• Taking photographs of live munitions being loaded on aircraft is prohibited.

• In the event of an emergency or aircraft accident film or camera memory cards may be confiscated to check for inadvertent classified exposures. The public release of images of damaged aircraft or injured personnel is prohibited

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35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
DSN: (315) 226-3075
Commercial: 011 81 176 77 3075

Bldg. 507 Risner Circle
Misawa Air Base, Japan

Mailing Address:
Misawa AB, 35 FW/PA
Unit 5009, APO AP 96319-5009

Base Operator:
DSN: (315) 226-1110
Commercial: 011 81 176 77 1110

Customer Service Hours:
Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.