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  • Misawa Chapel Team wins best in Air Force

    The Air Force chief of chaplains recently announced the chaplain corps’ 2019 annual awards, and the Misawa Chapel team won the prestigious Terence P. Finnegan Award for their dedication to Team Misawa.
  • Misawa commissary manager takes a proactive approach to safety during COVID-19

    When walking into a grocery store individuals tend to leisurely shop with no regards to the distance that they keep from other people. However, with the recent pandemic the routine shopping is noticeably different. Mark Bissell, the Misawa Commissary officer, has taken a proactive approach in ensuring customers can buy groceries while maintaining safe, social distancing at Misawa Air Base, Japan.
  • New PACAF Demo Team pilot takes to the skies, fulfills childhood dream at Misawa

    It was a cloudy day in Belgium in 1996. The overcast didn’t make it a perfect day for flying, but that didn’t stop the F-16 Fighting Falcon demonstration team or the crowd that had gathered to see an airshow at Chievres Air Base. In fact, it allowed the crowd to feel a little closer as the demo team performed their low show due to cloud cover. It was a perfect day for them to wow the crowd that was there to see them, and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds did not disappoint. In 1996, the Thunderbirds impressed a 10-year-old boy who attended his first airshow with a friend’s family. It was in that moment as he watched the Thunderbirds fly overhead that he decided to pursue becoming a pilot - an Air Force fighter pilot.
  • Toppers roll the dice at Misawa gaming club

    Four adventurers enter the city gates, which snap shut all on their own with a loud clang behind them. The air is still and the oppressive silence weighs on the shoulders of our heroes heavier than their bags and equipment. The shadows stretch long, snuffing out the light like fingers on a candle flame. This isn’t the grizzly start of a new fantasy novel, nor a new online streaming series. The moment is played out, not in a dark basement or confined corner in an unused library, but at T’s Burritos at the Enlisted Club here at Misawa Air Base, Japan, on a bright afternoon. The gaming club, called Toppers, meets there every Saturday from 2 P.M. until, well, really until they grow tired of playing.
  • Airman sentenced to confinement Jan. 28

    An Airman from the 35th Security Forces Squadron was found guilty at a general court-martial held at Misawa Air Base on January 28, 2014, of endangering the physical health of his one-month old daughter by causing her serious bodily injury.Airman Leightenheimer was found guilty of intentionally causing a serious injury to his one-month old daughter
  • Airman found guilty of sexual assault

    Senior Airman Madison J. Albright, 35th Maintenance Squadron, was found guilty at a general court martial for sexually assaulting a fellow Airman in a dorm room on base on two separate occasions on March 29,. After careful deliberation, the court members found Albright guilty of sexual assault, abusive sexual contact and assault consummated by a
  • Misawa airman found guilty of recklessly operating a vehicle

    On January 29, 2013, Airman First Class Lewis A. Ortiz, 35th Force Support Squadron, pled guilty to reckless driving during a Summary Court Martial held at Misawa AB, Japan.On 2 September 2012, now Airman Basic Ortiz was the designated driver for three other Airmen. Rather than take his designated driver responsibilities seriously, he demonstrated
  • Misawa UCMJ disciplinary actions 15 Mar.-15 Apr. 2012

    COURT-MARTIAL There were no Court Martial's during this time.NONJUDICIAL PUNISHMENTSOffense Description: A Master Sgt. had a sexual relationship with a subordinate and got her pregnant.Violated: Art. 134 - Adultery Art. 92 - Failure to ObeyPunishment Imposed:· Reduction to E-6· ReprimandOffense Description: Staff Sgt. entered a dorm room that was
  • Airman found guilty of multiple offenses

    Senior Airman Justin J. Lyle, 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron, was found guilty at a special court-martial held at Misawa Air Base, Japan April 4, 2013. He was charged with departing from his place of duty at a unit urinalysis sweep without authorization, violating the Pacific Air Forces Commander general order on intoxicating substances by using
  • Airman found guilty of child abuse

    Airman Jason A. Pate, 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Misawa Air Base, Japan was found guilty at a general court-martial held at Misawa Air Base on August 17, 2012 of intentionally maiming and causing serious bodily injuries to his 3-month-old son.A panel of officer and enlisted court members served as the jury for the one-week trial and found