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  • Looking back at Misawa's history in April

    April 1, 1942: The Misawa Air Group of the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force was reorganized into the 26th Air Combat Group under the command or Rear Admiral Masakuni Yamagata. The group consisted of 27 bombers at Misawa, 27 bombers at Kisarazu, and the 6th Air Force at Kisarazu with 45 fighters and

  • 301st Intelligence Squadron repeats as Misawa basketball champions

    Clutch shooting and end-of-game fouls gave the 301st Intelligence Squadron a 13-point victory over rivals, the Navy Information Operation Command, taking the Misawa basketball championship, 59-48. The first half could not have been closer at half time with the two teams less than a basket a part.

  • Misawa spouses support each other through deployment

    Military spouses are part of a worldwide group of husbands and wives who at times, must temporarily 'give up' their loved ones so that they may fight the Global War on Terror. At this north eastern base, this is a reality for many men and women married to members of the 14th Fighter Squadron, who

  • Misawa Bowling Association names its weekly top 5 bowlers

    Sunday Night Mixed League Men's high scratch series Josh Shaner, 702 Kevin Radford, 664 Chris Miles, 652 Brandon "Red" Erickson, 638 OJ Womack, 634 Men's high scratch game Jacoby "Skip" Harris, 246 Josh Shaner, 244 Joe Carney, 244 OJ Womack, 243 Kevin Radford, 237 Women's high scratch series Edna

  • Center plays key role informing troops, leadership

    Providing war-fighters with the most up-to-date information is vital to their survival, and the unit control center is a primary player. "We don't just support our staff, but also the fighter wing agencies and the personnel support for contingency operations," said 1st Lt. Jerome Roque, 35th Mission

  • Stepping up to the plate

    Janet Wankowski, 35th Mission Support Squadron chief of civilian personnel, doesn't mind fastening up her chinstrap and volunteering her time. It's the second time in her 18 months at Misawa Air Base she has donned full individual protective equipment and worked alongside active-duty servicemembers.

  • Pulse rate response - MCC keeps deployed members ready

    Getting the right people to the scene of an emergency is a crucial part of mission success, and it's the job of the Medical Control Center that makes that very idea a reality. When disaster strikes things can become chaotic in a matter of moments, according to one official. It takes a well thought

  • Looking back at Misawa's history

    March 24, 1941: The Army officially approved the 35th Fighter Group's "Attack to Defend" emblem. The group was the U.S. Army Air Corps' predecessor to the 35th Fighter Wing. March 17, 1942: The first aircraft landed on Misawa AB's newly constructed triangular runway. The aircraft was a Type One,

  • Association reveals weekly top five bowlers

    Misawa Bowling Association's Weekly Top 5 Bowlers (As of Monday, March 5) Sunday night mixed league Men's high scratch series Kevin Radford, 700 Josh Shaner, 648 Mick Scumaci, 636 Chris Miles, 619 Chris Mesmer, 602 Men's high scratch game Kevin Radford, 265 Chris Mesmer, 257 Chris Miles, 256 Jacoby

  • Traveling beyond the gates

    The large comfortable bus cruised along Michinoku Toll Road through the snowy Japanese mountains as passengers chatted excitedly on their way to interact with rare, exotic marine life on Misawa's Information, Tickets and Tours Asamushi Aquarium tour in February. "This trip is a good 'starter' for