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  • Airman found guilty of multiple offenses

    Senior Airman Justin J. Lyle, 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron, was found guilty at a special court-martial held at Misawa Air Base, Japan April 4, 2013. He was charged with departing from his place of duty at a unit urinalysis sweep without authorization, violating the Pacific Air Forces Commander

  • Airman found guilty of child abuse

    Airman Jason A. Pate, 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Misawa Air Base, Japan was found guilty at a general court-martial held at Misawa Air Base on August 17, 2012 of intentionally maiming and causing serious bodily injuries to his 3-month-old son.A panel of officer and enlisted court members

  • I've got the power....of attorney

    This is the final part of a three story series highlighting Air Force Legal Assistance Month.You are about to have a permanent change of station or deploy, but you still have bills to finish paying or things that still need to be taken care of. You can't be there yourself, so you are going to need a

  • Your life, your decision

    Editor's note: This is part two of a three story series highlighting Air Force Legal Assistance Month.Imagine you are hospitalized with a coma, and although you are unable to make medical decisions, they still must be made. You need someone to take actions on your behalf.A living will allows you to

  • Make your last will your first priority

    Editor's Note: This is part one of a three story series highlighting Air Force Legal Assistance Month.As many ways as there are to prolong life, scientists have yet to find a way to make us live forever. That is why it is important to prepare your last will and testament, so you can ensure your

  • Misawa Air Base releases results of recent disciplinary actions

    The following information is released in accordance with Air Force Instruction 35-104, Media Operations.COURT MARTIALAirman Found Guilty of Assaulting a ChildAirman First Class Travis D. Watkins, 35th Civil Engineer Squadron, pled guilty during a Special Court Martial here February 24th for

  • Misawa UCMJ disciplinary actions 1-15 Jan. 2012

    After receiving an Article 15 for adultery, this edition's "Feature 15" winner didn't understand "what love had to do with it."This newly divorced Airman was verbally counseled by his unit commander to stay away from his married mistress; a woman in which he had a love affair with while her husband

  • Spice use leads to court martial

    Senior Airman Benjamin Schaible, 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron, was found guilty during a Summary Courts Martial here Nov. 15 for failing to obey a general regulation by using the drug "Spice." The court sentenced Schaible to 10 days confinement, reduction to the grade of Airman, 20 days hard

  • Jazz bassist's musical tale

    From Dec. 10 to Dec. 14, five of the U.S. Air Force Band of the Pacific-Asia's finest musicians traded their home station at Yokota Air Base, Japan, for the open road and a chance to perform at Misawa City, Japan. While on tour, these Airmen spread holiday joy to patriotic hearts and extended their

  • Misawa UCMJ disciplinary actions 15 Jan.-15 Feb. 2012

    COURT-MARITAL Airman 1st Class Vincent Falletta, IV, 35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, was tried by a panel of Officer and Enlisted court members at a Special-Court Martial here Jan. 26 and 27. Falletta made several online orders of spice in violation of both AFI 44-120 and a General Order issued