Misawa Air Base releases results of recent disciplinary actions

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- The following information is released in accordance with Air Force Instruction 35-104, Media Operations.


Airman Found Guilty of Assaulting a Child

Airman First Class Travis D. Watkins, 35th Civil Engineer Squadron, pled guilty during a Special Court Martial here February 24th for assaulting a child under the age of 16 years.

A military judge sentenced Watkins to be confined for 140 days, reduced to the grade of E-1, and to forfeit $640.00 for six months. Upon completion of his sentence, Watkins will be administratively discharged from the Air Force. On Thanksgiving night 2011, Watkins was a guest at the home of a noncommissioned officer assigned to Misawa. While in the house, Watkins made sexual advances towards the NCO's 15 year old daughter, and ultimately kissed her without her consent. Watkins then made several phone calls and sent numerous text messages of a sexual nature to the girl in an effort to get her to meet him outside her home.

As part of a pre-trial agreement, Watkins agreed to plead guilty to assaulting the child and in return the government agreed to drop additional charges against him.

"What happened in this case was an assault of a sexual nature against a child," said Lt. Col. Suzette Seuell, 35th Fighter Wing Staff Judge Advocate. "Misawa's young Airmen need to understand that it is never appropriate to engage in this type of behavior with high school children. Regardless of the victim's age, crimes of a sexual nature will lead to serious consequences."


SrA Member lied to his First Sergeant about having unpaid debt on several different occasions. Violated: Art. 107 - False official statement
· Reduction to E-1 (suspended)
· Forfeiture $745.00 x 2 months (suspended)
· 45 days restriction
· 45 days extra duty
· Reprimand

Amn Member left his weapon and ammunition in the dining facility for over 2 hours. Violated: Art. 92 - Dereliction of duty · Reduction to E-1 (suspended)
· Forfeiture $347.00 pay (suspended)
· 7 days restriction
· 7 days extra duty
· Reprimand

MSgt Member assaulted his wife. Violated: Art. 128 - Assault consummated by a battery.
· Reduction to E-6 (suspended)
· Forfeiture $500.00 x 2 months
· 14 days extra duty
· Reprimand

SrA Member had a sexual relationship with a married woman while her husband was deployed. Violated: Art. 134 - Adultery · Reduction to E-1(suspended)
· Forfeiture $300.00 x 2 months
· 45 days extra duty
· 45 days restriction
· Reprimand