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  • VORTAC ensures safe landings for Misawa Air Base, local community

    At twice the age of some of the Airmen who work with it, and in-service longer than the majority of today's U.S. service members, this weapons system has enhanced the success of flying operations on Misawa Air Base, as well as its neighboring community airport, since 1988. "This dual-purpose

  • MCAP, civilians be warned

    In the news, people may hear about how service members are prosecuted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for misconduct; however, many people may not know that civilians are also subject to a form of administrative review.The Misawa Conduct Adjudication Program is a voluntary forum that is

  • Simulator provides realistic jump training

    A pilot doesn't want to have to eject from his plane, but he needs to be prepared to do so. Training equipment here allows pilots to practice ejection jumps, without actually having to abandon the jet. In recent months, Misawa began training with a high-tech parachute simulator - one of the best

  • "Queen Bee" keeps PACAF jets prepared for the fight

    Without it, there is no power, no function. The ability to continue will cease. Like the heart to a human, the engine to a jet is the same. So where do you turn when the heart of the jet stops working? Fighter squadrons throughout the Pacific region all go to one place - the "Queen Bee." Officially

  • Salmon festival just two turns from the base

    Nov. 10 and 11 you have no excuse not to get out and go down past the mall and check out the Oirase Salmon Festival. Just 15 minutes from base is "The Biggest Salmon Festival in Japan". Salmon races and salmon grabs throughout the two days give you plenty of chances to get your hands on a fresh

  • Fish are jumpin' at the 24th Annual Rokkasho Salmon Festival

    The village of Rokkasho, a fledgling community of about 12,000 residents, boasts two big attractions: a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant and the annual Salmon Festival along the Pacific Ocean. Rokkasho is roughly 20 miles north of Misawa Air base making the event very accessible for service members

  • Handle with care

    Military members are asked to sacrifice a number of things for their nation: missed anniversaries; long hours in the office; and countless birthdays, holidays and weekends from time to time. There is a limit to the sacrifices one person can make and the child development centers here make sure the

  • Local farm invites Misawa residents to Farm Day

    People overseas often have an image of Japan -- sky scrapers in bustling neon-illuminated cities or of bullet trains speeding along an endless corridor of urban sprawl. We here in Aomori are fortunate enough to experience a different slice of Japan. White snowy mountains in winter contrast

  • What's at steak?

    You don't need a round-trip ticket back to the United States to enjoy country music and dancing and big slice of beef. Just head out to Takko Town Sept. 29 and 30 for their 22nd Annual Garlic and Beef Festival and enjoy Texas barbecue Japanese style. Nestled in the foothills of Aomori's mountains

  • Sailors give birds in a Northern Japan a cleaner home

    Spending the morning picking trash off the ground isn't ideal for most people, but it's something Aviation Machinist Mate 1st Class (AW) Anibal Garza found enjoyable. Garza and several Naval Air Facility Misawa Sailors volunteered to help clean up the Hotokenuma swamp in Northern Japan. This swamp