Sailors give birds in a Northern Japan a cleaner home

  • Published
  • By MC1 Hendrick Simoes
  • AFNews Det 12
Spending the morning picking trash off the ground isn't ideal for most people, but it's something Aviation Machinist Mate 1st Class (AW) Anibal Garza found enjoyable.

Garza and several Naval Air Facility Misawa Sailors volunteered to help clean up the Hotokenuma swamp in Northern Japan. This swamp is a sanctuary for many birds and rare insects.

During his mile walk through the grass brush Garza found cans, broken plates and even a car battery. "There's a place for all this trash, but it's definitely not out here," said Garza

As he picked up trash he also took notice of some birds and nests, reinforcing the importance of the clean up mission. "If it's disgusting for me, just imagine how it is for the birds and creatures out there. It's not their trash."

It's important to preserve the environments for future generations said Garza. "It's also about setting them up."