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  • Looking back at Misawa's history in June

    June 30, 1944: The 14th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron earned a distinguished Unit Citation for its support of the D-Day invasion. Squadron pilots flew 426 reconnaissance sorties against high-priority targets leading up to, during and after the invasion. These hazardous missions cost the unit

  • Looking back at Misawa's history in May

    May 1939: Construction of Misawa Air Base began under the direction of the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force in an effort to shore up defenses in Northern Japan with a 60,000,000 yen budget. The air base was completed Feb. 10, 1942. May 17, 1942: First Lt. Harvey J. Scandrett of the 40th Fighter

  • Enlisted Thunderbirds visit Air Force widows

    Enlisted Airmen who maintain the F-16 Fighting Falcon jets flown by Thunderbird pilots often work behind the scenes while crowds enjoy the air demonstration team's shows. Recently, the enlisted Thunderbirds and a very special group of admirers made a personal connection - not at an air show but

  • Feature: Misawans take advantage of opportunities

    Education opportunities abound for many here at Misawa, and not just for those who wear the uniform. Both spouses and family members can further their education through several programs offered here. "There are many great programs available to family members here--you just need to be a military

  • Misawa Bowling Association names its top five for week

    Sunday night mixed league Men's high scratch series Josh Shaner, 673 Joe Carney, 665 Mick Scumaci, 647 Chris Miles, 634 Jamie Wertz, 605 Men's high scratch game Joe Carney, 279 Josh Shaner, 257 Kevin Radford, 247 Mick Scumaci, 242 Chris Messmer, 234 Women's high scratch series Melene Lee, 566 Edna

  • Intramural volleyball standings

    Intramural volleyball standings as of March 30. Teams    Wins     Loses373-A        7               1 CE             7               1 CS             6               2 AIMD         5               3 DECA        4               4 SFS           2               6 ASD           1               7

  • Children's cultural exchange party enlightening

    The 8th annual Momoishi, Oirase Town and Misawa Air Base 5th grade children's cultural exchange party was held at Sollars Elementary School March 24. More than 80 American and Japanese children participated in this year's event. The day started with the Japanese youth arriving by buses provided by

  • Misawa Bowling Association names top five for March 25

    Misawa Bowling Association's weekly top five bowlers for March 25.Sunday night mixed league Men's high scratch series Kevin Radford, 640 Chris Messmer, 627 Joe Carney, 627 Terry King, 626 Chris Miles, 599 Men's high scratch gameOJ Womack, 246 Chris Messmer, 245 Terry King, 243 Toby Kruse, 237 Kevin

  • Unit deployment managed with excellence

    Keeping the mobility records of unit members is an essential and time consuming job, but it's not the only thing that needs to be accomplished, according to one unit deployment manager. Tech. Sgt. Chico Harrell of the 35th Operations Support Squadron, said being a UDM means knowing the status of

  • How to find a quality online degree program

    Distance education opportunities and usage has grown at a tremendous pace. Most colleges and universities offer some form of distance learning programs. In the past, only 20 percent of overall tuition assistance was paid to distance learning schools -- this figure is now more than 50 percent. Today,