Airman found guilty of sexual assault

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  • By 35th Fighter Wing
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Senior Airman Madison J. Albright, 35th Maintenance Squadron, was found guilty at a general court martial for sexually assaulting a fellow Airman in a dorm room on base on two separate occasions on March 29,.

After careful deliberation, the court members found Albright guilty of sexual assault, abusive sexual contact and assault consummated by a battery. The court sentenced Albright to be confined in jail for 120 days, restricted to base for one month, reduced to the grade of E-1, reprimanded and to forfeit $1,000 of his pay per month for four months.

A panel of Officer and Enlisted court members, sitting as jury for the one-week trial, heard evidence from the victim concerning the crimes and viewed a videotape of Air Force Office of Special Investigations investigators interviewing Albright.

The Misawa OSI detachment began investigating Albright after receiving notification of an unrestricted report of sexual assault from the 35th Fighter Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. Albright admitted to OSI in his videotaped interview that on one occasion, even though the victim had told him "no" and fought him off several times before he sexually assaulted her, he did not stop his sexual advances because he was "drunk" and "horny."

Before the court members went into their deliberation, the Military Judge made it clear that being drunk or having a prior sexual relationship is not an excuse to a sexual assault under the law.

Lt. Col. Suzette Seuell, 35th Fighter Wing Staff Judge Advocate, commenting on the outcome of the case, stated that, "sexual assault is a serious offense that traumatizes the victim and threatens the mission. There is never an excuse for it to happen. Military members who commit sexual assault will be held accountable."