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  • Looking out for one another

    As members of the Misawa Air Base community we need to do our part as wingmen by looking out for one another. "Looking out for one another" means being good neighbors. Specific things you can do to help include: keeping an eye out for suspicious activities at all times. If you see any illegal activity call law enforcement officials at 226-3600
  • What do you control?

    Air Force members, from airman basic to colonel and above, all have responsibilities inherent to their position and rank. These responsibilities take into account regulations, technical orders, checklists and Air Force instructions. They help guide and determine the prioritization of your actions. In addition, performance evaluations, inspections,
  • Fire Prevention Week events and history

    National Fire Prevention Week 2007 observance will be Oct. 7 to 13. "Practice Your Escape Plan!" is this year's theme. It's not enough to have a home fire escape plan. To escape safely, you've got to make sure that everyone in the home has practiced the plan. Fire can spread rapidly through your home, leaving you as little as two minutes to escape
  • American Airmen -- When it seems impossible

    Many obstacles will line your path as you journey through life. The issues relating to family, deployments and reintegration, handling new responsibilities on your job, striving to meet deadlines, anticipating promotion or retirement, or your job is threatened, landing you in a state of panic. These are just a few troublesome moments in life.
  • Joint cooperation makes the Armed Forces a stonger team

    There is probably not a one of us who hasn't shared in inter-service rivalries (USN vs. USAF) and intra-service rivalries such as USN (Aviation vs. Ships vs. Subs). Many of those rivalries were good spirited in nature and tend to focus on pride in ones own service. At the Pentagon level, those rivalries however lead to severe service infighting and
  • Chief of Staff Message to Airmen

    Airmen of the United States Air Force, So that I could better communicate my thoughts and intentions to the widest possible audience, I recently asked for the capability to e-mail all Airmen directly. Thanks to our technology experts, I now have that capability, and with this e-mail I begin what I intend to be regular correspondence with you. From
  • Perseverance: is it in you?

    Growing up, I remember hearing the story of the little engine who could. He was not the strongest train in the depot but he did have the biggest heart. The little engine set his mind on the goal of reaching the top of the hill and nothing or no one was going to stand in his way. The other trains would tell him there was no way he could make it so
  • Balancing rights and respect

    The Air Force published its guidelines on the free exercise of religion in February 2006, but some Airmen still find themselves wondering where the lines are when it comes to their faith. The religious guidelines were not written to prevent people from practicing their faith. Instead, they help protect the constitutional right of all Airmen to
  • Join us at a jam-packed Air Fest event

    Our largest community event featuring eight hours of non-stop excitement is right around the corner. Air Fest 2007 will take place here Sept. 2. This year's event, hosted by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, will be jam-packed with flying demonstrations, live music, food and fun for all. This event provides a great opportunity for interaction with
  • Discipline starts with supervisor setting standards

    Your commander calls you on the phone and says he wants to talk to you about Airman Snuffy. Your mind starts racing at 200 miles per hour because you remember last week you had to counsel him on being to work on time. Now what? As a supervisor in the Air Force, we are required to know, set, exemplify, and enforce the standards. And when necessary