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  • Wing commander sends Misawa holiday message

    During the holiday season it's easy to become caught up in the hustle and bustle forgetting about those who work beside us day in and day out - especially those without a spouse or children at home. As we enjoy this holiday season, let's remember that our family extends far beyond those who live in our homes or share our bloodlines. Here at Misawa
  • PACAF commander sends note to Airmen

    Fellow PACAF Airmen, Eva-Marie and I are excited to be back in the Pacific--a place we have been previously assigned and enjoy greatly. We deeply appreciate the warm welcome. The Pacific is a place of vital interest to our Nation and Air Force and will continue to grow in importance. I am certain you will continue to provide our Chief of Staff and
  • Discipline: an important item to the CSAF

    Today I'd like to talk to you about an important topic to our Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. T. Michael Moseley - and that's discipline. In our 60 years as a service, the Air Force's record for mission success has been forged by strong leadership and airmen who are properly organized, trained and equipped to execute their mission. Whether
  • Services offers events to bring people together this Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving, for many of us, marks the end of autumn and the beginning of the winter season. It is a time when we begin to reflect on the past year, on what we've accomplished professionally, and even more importantly, what we've accomplished personally. Thanksgiving is a special time of year because we allow ourselves to gather together and take
  • Taking care of government vehicles

    Each day, the 35th Fighter Wing's highly-trained pilots strap on our fleet of F-16 Wild Weasel aircraft to sharpen the "point on the tip of the spear." At the end of each day, they return the aircraft to the Air Force's finest aircraft maintenance professionals in the 35th Maintenance Group who maintain the health and readiness of the fleet.
  • Take time to reflect this Thanksgiving

    This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. It's an opportunity to reflect on the things we're grateful for -- our family, friends, and the opportunity to serve our great nation here in northern Japan. This holiday season, make sure you let your loved ones know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. Our families sacrifice a great deal
  • Stay active, healthy and safe this winter

    Staying active and physically fit can be tough when you're balancing responsibilities at work, school and at home. It can be especially tough as we move closer to the holiday season, where winter weather is right around the corner. Don't let the cold stop you from staying in shape and staying active. The base fitness centers are available for your
  • Followership and leadership are winning characteristics

    Greetings Misawa Warriors! During our recent combat evaluation readiness exercise, I saw many outstanding things that made me proud to be on your team. There were many "strengths," but I would like to describe some of the "winning" characteristics here at Misawa that are easily observed. Namely, followership and leadership. Most of us have a good
  • Club membership a part of history

    Most of you probably didn't know that Misawa has one of the oldest operating institutions in the air force - the officer and enlisted clubs that we refer to as the co-located club. Dating back to the Army Air Corps, the club has been a place where Airmen could unwind at the end of a long week. That tradition continues today; however, the mission of
  • Welcoming home our deployers

    I want everyone to take a moment to reflect on a truly significant time in our wing's history. As you look around the wing most of the people you see have either been deployed or have just returned from combat serving in both Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. For the first time in nine months, we've got almost the entire Misawa team back