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  • Airman's Roll Call: Test bases lead way to streamline services

    As Air Force leaders continue to shape the Air Force for the future, organizations within the Air Force have to find more efficient ways of doing business. In this spirit, six Air Force test bases are merging their services and mission support squadrons. Through this merger, the organizations will streamline processes, increase efficiencies,
  • Airmen feedback and evaluation

    One of the most important roles Air Force supervisors and rating officials have is to provide honest feedback and accurate assessments of the Airmen they lead. The professional development of these Airmen and our necessity to target individuals for career progression depends on this. With the introduction of new feedback and performance report
  • Meeting challenges while remembering family, friends

    Last week the 35th Fighter Wing met the challenges of our IRRE (Initial Response Readiness Exercise). We put our game faces on and quickly mobilized troops for our deployment to a simulated contingency. Our Airmen were right on target as they worked hard to expedite people and equipment to a wartime arena with the professionalism and proficiency
  • Integrity: Is Your Word Your Bond?

    Integrity, this word is often thrown around as a catch-phase during Airmen Leadership School graduations or Dining-In Ceremonies to inspire and motivate audiences, but do we really understand this term. We often think about integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is looking, which is true, but what about the integrity of your word
  • Stress, mental health, and suicide prevention

    As Airmen fight terrorism in the far corners of the world, the sacrifices asked of them and their families have increased significantly. These sacrifices have been accepted with courage and valor, and I am very proud of their contributions both at home and abroad. Nevertheless, under such circumstances, it is natural for our people to feel the
  • Education: essential to professional, personal development

    Over the years, Air Force leaders have placed increasing emphasis on the importance of education for the professional and personal development of all Airmen. Through base education centers and the Air Force Virtual Education Center, or AFVEC, the Airmen have countless educational benefits right at their fingertips. Secretary of the Air Force
  • What fitness means to me...in simple terms

    Leadership, whether in a family, at work, or on a sports team, is best represented by one who is morally, intellectually, and physically fit. Being morally fit involves following rules, creating conditions for success, doing things right, and doing the right things. Intellectual fitness is enhanced by nourishing our minds through reading,
  • In the fight … outta sight!

    Preface: I originally wrote this piece in 2006 as an article for the Northern Light, but it was never published. As I prepare to depart Misawa Air Base at the end of August, it seems appropriate to publish it now not only for education of base residents about the MSOC but also as a tribute to the tremendous men and women with whom I have worked for
  • Senior enlisted leaders meet to discuss issues

    CMSAF holds Senior Enlisted Leader Summit Week of Aug. 1, 2007 - Aug. 8, 2007 Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Rodney J. McKinley convened the first-ever Senior Enlisted Leader Summit last week at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., Gunter Annex, with more than 360 senior enlisted leaders in attendance from around the Air Force and the globe. According
  • Stay focused and remember security

    As we continue with the summer permanent change of station cycle, I want to reiterate my policy on drinking and driving here at Misawa. Simply put ... don't do it. When you get behind the wheel while intoxicated, you not only take responsibility for your own life, but also put the lives of others at risk. When you drive, you must be alert to make