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  • Continuing a Customer Service Focus

    Why do we have a great dining or shopping experience only to have a mediocre encounter the next time? If one dissects the distinction between the good versus bad experiences, the key probably lies in what type of customer service was received. So, what is it that we can do to deliver world-class quality customer service? In our age of ever evolving
  • Don't quit trying to be a wingman

    Last week, during the USFJ Day of Reflection, I was asked by one of our Airmen a question that I have always had a tough time answering. As we discussed the events that have so greatly affected our relations with Japan, he asked, "When are we going to acknowledge the fact that sometimes stupid people do stupid things, and we aren't going to be able
  • DoDDS teacher thanks her 'snow angels'

    Saturday night, Feb. 16, my friend and I headed home after dinner at the Spaghetti Restaurant in Towada. The food was great and no alcohol was consumed, tea is my poison. At 9 p.m. in 20 degree weather, traveling slightly over 25 kilometers per hour on a narrow ice-slicked road, my black RAV-4 hit the skids. I careened into a snow-covered rice
  • Empowering All Our Airmen

    I've always believed that the Air Force leads the military in empowering our younger Airmen in making the right calls and acting accordingly based on those decisions. No matter if a person's rank is Airman Basic; we have counted on these young men and women to be thinkers and leaders vice just followers. This past exercise reaffirmed my belief in
  • The importance of unwavering professionalism

    We'd like to address a subject that we take very seriously and that's "Unwavering Professionalism." As U.S. military members, civilians or family members, we are all considered ambassadors for the U.S. to the Japanese. Military members no matter what service are considered U.S. officials. In fact we enjoy such positive relations here in northern
  • Readiness is key to IRRE success

    This week the men and women of the 35th Fighter Wing, and even some members from the MSOC and Naval Air Facility, will be focused on the year's first Initial Readiness Response Exercise, or IRRE. The wing has an outstanding track record for readiness and for your warrior spirit. I expect nothing less of you this time around. These exercises are
  • Recognizing our Airmen

    Recently one of our Airman Roll Calls addressed the subject of recognition. It emphasized how Airmen make extraordinary personal and professional sacrifices to ensure the Air Force accomplishes its mission. The outstanding accomplishments of our Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and civilians deserve recognition. There are several ways to provide
  • Be financially responsible

    As Airmen we all go the extra mile to ensure our personal and professional lives are in order. Being on solid financial footing is one very important step in the right direction. You can start by taking advantage of the Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP, which is a long-term retirement savings plan with an eye toward helping you reach your financial
  • Do your part in safeguarding information

    In today's world of instant information, every one of us needs to be on guard. Our adversaries are constantly making efforts to gather information critical to our operational capabilities. This information doesn't have to be classified or sensitive. A simple phone conversation about a deployment, or an e-mail detailing a shortage of certain
  • Education is key for Airmen

    As the most technologically superior and powerful Air Force in the world, we are all aware that we must maintain our intellectual superiority. This takes a lifelong commitment to education for all Airmen - both officer and enlisted. Beginning in 2008 advanced degrees earned by officers will no longer be masked from promotion boards. This means it's