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  • Financial responsibility

    We often see Armed Forces Network commercials about credit card debts and ways to save money -- basically stressing and promoting financial responsibility. While I don't disagree with these commercials, it made me wonder if people really understand what financial responsibility means. The question, "what is financial responsibility?" seems to be
  • PACAF/CC's Veterans' Day message

    When we joined the Air Force, we became part of a special group--a group of Americans dedicated to a purpose larger than ourselves. This Veterans Day, we honor all those who have served and who are serving--Americans who understand service and who know that freedom is not free. The security and stability that 36 nations in the Pacific enjoy today
  • We are all support

    We are all in the business of supporting the military effort of the United States. Knowing where your job fits in to that effort will help you to understand, prepare and execute your important part of the overall Air Force mission. For some, that is easier than others. The explosive ordnance Airmen have an extremely critical and dangerous mission
  • Transformation in today's Air Force

    "Transformation is a process that shapes the changing nature of military competition and cooperation through new combinations of concepts, capabilities, people and organizations that exploit our nation's advantages and protect against our asymmetric vulnerabilities to sustain our strategic position, which helps underpin peace and stability in the
  • Fallen comrades

    I am an American Airman. This is the start of our creed and the start of my story. I answered my nation's call. I endured grueling training and almost lost sight of my courage from time to time. I worked hard that I may call myself "Airman." I am not a Soldier, but am not offended by the media's generalization calling us Soldiers, because the Army
  • The Value of Service

    I learned a big lesson on service Aug. 4, 2008, when Eielson had the rare honor of hosting President Bush on a refueling stop as he traveled to Asia. It was an event Eielson will never forget -- a hangar full of Airmen and Soldiers getting to see the Commander in Chief up close, and perhaps even shaking his hand. An incredible amount of effort goes
  • Never stop learning

    Sir Winston Churchill once said, "Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught." This statement could be true for most of us. Off-duty education in the military is nothing new. There are many opportunities from associate' s all the way on up to master's programs at Misawa, as well as a myriad of other degree
  • The Core Values are Always There

    Adversity can take many forms. How one deals with it reveals much about a person's character, and our Air Force Core Values can serve as a solid foundation to build upon in times of both personal and professional adversity. In fact, they are at their best as guideposts for our actions when times are tough. As a squadron commander, I am responsible
  • Training for Integrity

    March 16, 1968, Warrant Officer 1st Class Hugh Thompson Jr., a U.S. Army helicopter pilot, was flying reconnaissance for a counter-insurgency operation at a Vietnamese village named My Lai. As the operation progressed, Warrant Officer Thompson and his crew began noticing groups of dead and injured civilians, although they saw no evidence of armed
  • No time like the present

    "I'll do it tomorrow ..." "I'll get to it later ..." "Just one more minute ..." "The inspection is not coming up for months..." We've all said these things at one time or another. However, when it comes right down to it, how well do we accomplish that "thing" later? And do we always do what we say we were going to do? As a young officer, I remember