Never stop learning

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- Sir Winston Churchill once said, "Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught." This statement could be true for most of us. Off-duty education in the military is nothing new. There are many opportunities from associate' s all the way on up to master's programs at Misawa, as well as a myriad of other degree programs on-line. 

A separate article could be written on the tuition assistance for active duty members as well as availability of scholarships for family members. 

On a personal note, when I entered the Air Force many years ago, I had nothing but a high school diploma. I am now on the verge of finishing my master's degree. I could not have finished my degrees without the help of the TA programs and the Montgomery G.I. Bill. 

All of us should have a thirst to learn more about our world. Whether your favorite subject is science, politics or history, there are resources available at Misawa to help you with your quest for knowledge. 

When I'm not working on a master's class, I enjoy learning about Air Force history. Whether you enjoy history or not, I encourage all Air Force members and their families to visit The National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. This is the world's largest aviation museum and it not only showcases the various types of aircraft and missiles used throughout the years, but also tells a fascinating story of how our customs have been carried on as tradition. This museum allows you an opportunity to see Air Force history up close instead of black and white photos in a book. 

Another great source of Air Force history is the Internet. There are endless Web sites to learn about particular aircraft, people or time periods of our service. 

Finally, the base library is an excellent source of Air Force history. You can learn of the early pioneers of aviation, all the way to the modern-day heroes and the equipment performing daily missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have a wide variety of books, DVDs and CDs. 

Today, I encourage you to discover something you new about your Air Force!