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  • Officials emphasize motorcycle safety across force

    With motorcycle fatalities on the rise over the past two years in the Defense Department, senior military officials are making sure that servicemembers and civilians are keeping safety in mind while hitting the roads this summer. The Army took the lead by hosting the two-day National Capital Region

  • Misawa welcomes newest members this month

    Misawa welcomes its newest members to their first duty station as latest group of 12 Airmen completed their indoctrination with the First Term Airman's Center May 17. 373rd Support Squadron Airman 1st Class Charles Ames 35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Airman 1st Class Travis Nichols 35th Civil

  • Family fun run in Oirase Town Ginkgo

    Oirase Town is holding the 22nd Gingko Fun Run June 24. Participants can run either 3, 5 or 10 kilometers. Starting at the Statue of Liberty replica, participants run around Ichou Park and neighboring areas, on an out and back course. The course is less than five minutes from Shimoda Shopping

  • Sister at Kirkuk surprises brother with early promotion at Balad

    He thought it would just be another day on the job. The last thing he expected to see was his sister, deployed to Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq, arrive here to congratulate him on his promotion to senior airman below-the-zone. They haven't seen each other in more than a year. When Senior Airman

  • U.S-Japan alliance: transformation and realignment for the future

    The United States and the Government of Japan have developed a mutual and dedicated military alliance for maintaining peace and stability throughout the Asia-Pacific Theater. The Security Consultative Committee, which represents the partnership consisted of the U.S. Secretary of State, U.S.


    The stop lights between the new civil engineer building and the main base gas station have been activated. No more flashing yellow lights. Use caution!

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