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  • Misawa receives an "excellent " during Operational Readiness Inspection

    The Pacific Air Forces inspector general announced Tuesday the 35th Fighter Wing received an "excellent" grade for their recent Operational Readiness Inspection. During the out brief, PACAF IG members said Misawa was "more than ready to attack to defend." The inspection was held March 12-17 and was

  • Far East Bazaar committee needs volunteers

    MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan - The Misawa Officers Spouses' Club needs volunteers to assist with the annual Misawa Spring Far East Bazaar March 31 and April 1 in Hangar 949. "The Misawa Bazaar is a great event. There are so many great things to experience and purchase," said Tiana Williams, volunteer

  • 19 Misawa master sergeants earn promotion to next grade

    Nineteen Misawa master sergeants were among 1,282 E-7s Air Force wide who were selected for promotion to senior master sergeant. Congratulation goes to the following Misawa master sergeants for their selection for promotion to senior master sergeant: 35th Fighter Wing Lora Aples Jason Stachowski

  • New program lets Airmen speak their mind

     A group of Airmen and USAF civilians are being invited to become the Air Force's Internal Communication Assessment Group, called the ICAG. Internal communication refers to how the Air Force delivers information to Airmen and USAF civilians. Senior Air Force leaders want to know Airmen's interests,

  • Misawa Airmen demonstrate combat capability to inspectors

    Inspectors from across Pacific Air Forces began arriving as early as March 4 for Misawa's Operational Readiness Inspection that began March 12. Phones began ringing early Monday morning across the base as Misawa leadership initiated a 35th Fighter Wing recall of all Airmen. Since the 6:15 a.m. calls

  • New survey aims to improve information delivery to Airmen

    The Secretary of the Air Force Office of Communication at the Pentagon has launched a study to find out how Airmen want to get information about the Air Force. A randomly selected group of Airmen and Air Force civilian employees will receive an e-mail invitation from Brig Gen Erv Lessel, Air Force

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