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  • Facilities list holiday operating hours

    The following are the holiday operating hours for Army and Air Force Exchange and the 35th Services Squadron facilities for the 4th of July.Commissary -- 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.GM's Office and HRO - closed Main exchange and bookmark - 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mall concessions - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Food Court

  • 2nd Lieutenant learns through trial by fire

    Second Lieutenant Mike Fiedler is Misawa Air Base's Pollution Prevention Chief, but he recently got to experience the life of another flight within the Civil Engineering Squadron, the Fire Protection Flight. Roll call at 0800 marked the start of his 24-hour shift with the fire department. One may

  • Misawa Warrior of the Week

    Name: Staff Sgt. Eddie Hilburn III Unit: 35th Communications Squadron Duty title: Network infrastructure supervisor Hometown: Jackson, Miss. "I am proud to nominate Staf Sgt. Hilburn for Warrior of the Week. Sergeant Hilburn's technical expertise is essential to the continued operation and

  • AFOSI seeks new special agents

    Military members looking to cross train into a challenging and rewarding career field should look no further than becoming a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Headquarters AFOSI recruiters will conduct the briefing in the Shogun Conference Room in the collocated club

  • Looking back at Misawa's history in July

    July 10, 1942: Elements of the Misawa Air Group were deployed against allied forces in the South Pacific-Saipan Island by way of Tinian. July 14, 1945: Twelve U.S. Navy Grumman aircraft bombed Misawa Air Base in northern Honshu, the first attack on the base. They met no resistance due to the lack of

  • Air Force launches 'E-Mail for Life' initiative

    Air Force Communications Agency officials are launching an initiative called E-Mail for Life, or E4L. The program is projected to save money, jumpstart the consolidation of the service's multiple e-mail systems and provide senior leaders the capability to e-mail every Air Force member directly. "The

  • Air Force and Navy train together during fuel spill exercise

    With ships coming in and out of the port, there's always the possibility for accidents. A Navy fuel facility at Hachinohe port provides fuel to Misawa Air Base. If an oil spill happens there the response must be quick and effective. While the facility has its own people trained to respond to such