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  • Misawa families -- left behind, but not alone

    They keep the home front going, pay the bills, take care of the children, work and worry about their expeditionary spouses. They are left behind, but not left alone. From Air Force leadership to Readiness Assistant Volunteers, Misawa spouses are offered information, friendship, assistance,

  • Misawa civilian wins 5th AF award

    In a special ceremony identifying the civilian of the year for category II, one of Misawa's own was presented the 5th Air Force level award on April 11. Mr. Yoshikatsu Nakamura, a contracting officer assigned to the 35th Contracting Squadron B Flight, was the only Misawa Air Base civilian to win the

  • Misawa welcomes newest members

    Misawa welcomes its newest members to their first duty station as latest group of 20 Airmen completed their indoctrination with the First Term Airman's Center this month. 35th Communication Squadron Airman 1st Class Aaron Graf Airman 1st Class Darvin Johnson Airman 1st Class Jerome King Airman 1st

  • Upcoming survey to assess post-op deployment health care

    A telephone survey of ill or injured servicemembers who have returned from operational deployment will begin May 1 to examine post-deployment health care experiences. This health care survey is being conducted in response to the Secretary of Defense's request to comprehensively assess the quality of

  • Phase team keeps Falcons flying combat missions

    At first glance, it looks like just another day for the maintainers; but take a closer look, and the frenzy of activity around the F-16 Fighting Falcon says otherwise. The sound of electric drills and pounding hammers resonates inside the hardened aircraft shelter as upbeat music fills the empty

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