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  • Think safety during the winter season

    Each and every one of you is important to your Misawa leadership and because of that, I want to spend a minute talking about safety. Although we're having a mild winter, everyone needs to remember to pay close attention to driving safety. Give yourself extra stopping distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, and slow down. When it snows,
  • Fightin' Samurai arrive

    We are set up and actively engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom. All personnel are healthy and doing well. Our aircraft are also in great shape. We began flying combat operations in support of the coalition ground forces yesterday. And, while we have not expended any ordnance on the insurgents yet, we have already had some success utilizing our
  • 14th EFS commander's update

    I'm the 14th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron commander with the Fightin' Samurai code-a-phone message for the week of Jan. 22-29. Everyone has begun to settle into the routine and are up to speed on our standard ops here. This week the weather has been pleasant with mainly clear skies and highs in the mid 60s. However, it has rained several mortars.
  • Support for those remaining at home

    We talk all the time about being good wingmen. Usually that means our fellow Airmen. But we should also be thinking of extending wingmanship to our families as well. We're in deployment season here. We will have several hundred family members remaining at Misawa who will need wingmen support. We have all learned it's not just servicemembers who
  • Colors -- leading the charge

    The smoke from the artillery battery hangs in the air, stinging the eyes and nostrils of the assembled troops. Arrayed in line formation, the troops stand shoulder-to-shoulder at rigid attention, their bayoneted rifles gleaming in the sun. As the smoke clears from the field, an image breaks through the pall. The image is of the colors of the United