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  • Force reduction update

    Probably the most difficult part of my job as your Secretary is releasing patriotic Americans from serving in our Air Force, but it is a step we nevertheless must take. One of the duties we have as Airmen is assuring future Airmen that they will be as capable and confident to accomplish the mission

  • Wife cries for joy as deployed husband returns home

    Earlier this year Senior Airman Gena Armstrong kissed her husband goodbye before his deployment to Iraq. She stood with a crowd of people waiting to welcome her loved one back home June 9. There were weather and mechanical problems that delayed the return of her husband Tech. Sgt. Barry

  • Teenagers learn skills, earn money toward college through volunteering

    Misawa's teenagers can take advantage of a local program that will add to their job experience and earn money toward scholarships. Misawa's teenagers can volunteer 10 to 20 hours a week while learning a skill this summer through the VolunTeen program June 25 through August 10 here. This Department

  • ROTC Cadets learn about operational AF while at Misawa

    Awesome! The awe inspired teen climbed out of the crash-recovery crane with a smile and rushed over to her fellow Air Force cadets. She had just controlled a powerful vehicle designed to lift and move damaged aircraft. Though her training only required her to move a tennis ball using the hoist at

  • 67 Misawa E-6 make E-7 & 99 E-5s make E-6

    The Air Force selected 6,002 of 24,115 eligible technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant, and 7,314 of 39,797 eligible staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant. At Misawa, 67 technical sergeants and 99 staff sergeants were informed of their selection for promotion at the end

  • F-2s from Misawa make live bomb debut during exercise

    "Hands-on" took on real meaning for members of the Japan Air Self Defense Force as F-2 support fighter pilots dropped the first live weapons from the fighter here June 13 as part of Exercise Cope North. As there is no live range in Japan, the F-2 pilots used this opportunity to practice with live

  • AEF Center moves to AFPC, Randolph AFB

    The Air and Space Expeditionary Force Center will move personnel to the Air Force Personnel Center here. The AEF Center, located at Langley Air Force Base, Va., became a direct reporting unit of AFPC on Aug. 4, 2006. "AFPC is leading the charge to better personnel services for Airmen - from