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  • Upcoming survey to assess post-op deployment health care

    A telephone survey of ill or injured servicemembers who have returned from operational deployment will begin May 1 to examine post-deployment health care experiences. This health care survey is being conducted in response to the Secretary of Defense's request to comprehensively assess the quality of

  • Phase team keeps Falcons flying combat missions

    At first glance, it looks like just another day for the maintainers; but take a closer look, and the frenzy of activity around the F-16 Fighting Falcon says otherwise. The sound of electric drills and pounding hammers resonates inside the hardened aircraft shelter as upbeat music fills the empty

  • Misawa readies for upcoming AEF

    With more than 1,000 Airmen postured for the upcoming Air Expeditionary Force cycle, and the 13th Fighter Squadron set to rotate with the 14th Fighter Squadron, Misawa Air Base is in the fight on the War on Terrorism. "It's a significant deployment," said 1st Lt. Christine Kiernan-Ortiz, officer in

  • 13th FS Panthers of Misawa prepare to deploy

    Shifting focus and learning a new mission seems to be the preparation theme for the Panthers of the 13th Fighter Squadron as they prepare to replace the 14th Fighter Squadron in Iraq. "Historically, the Wild Weasel mission has been to find and destroy enemy air defenses," said Capt. Larry Sullivan,

  • 'Unwavering professionalism' encouraged in all servicemembers

    U.S. Forces in Japan's mission to keep peace and security in its area of responsibility is shouldered by each military member serving in the region, and USFJ leaders are encouraging all servicemembers to practice unwavering professionalism in everything they do. Unwavering professionalism is a

  • Airman's Creed exemplifies warfighting ethos

    The Air Force chief of staff introduced the new "Airman's Creed" April 18 to provide Airmen a tangible statement of beliefs that they can hold most dear. The Airman's Creed reflects pride in the role of air, space and cyberspace power and the Air Force's commitment in supporting and defending the

  • Misawa Operation Warmheart receives $3,000 grant

    The Misawa First Sergeants Operation Warmheart program was awarded a $3,000 AFFN Matching Grant April 13. This the third year the Armed Forces Financial Network awarded USA Federal Credit Union an AFFN Matching Grant. AFFN's matching contribution allows USA Federal to provide the $3,000 in direct