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  • Network users can learn more about new technology

    Misawa network users are encouraged to attend informational briefings Jan. 25 to learn more about the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint, which many organizations in the U.S. government and industry have already started to implement to increase productivity.Mircosoft SharePoint is a new network tool which allows users to easily collaborate with
  • Misawa starts New Year with new commander

    In a heartfelt short goodbye, Brig. Gen. Sam Angelella said his final farewell to Misawa servicemembers and city officials before relinquishing command of the 35th Fighter Wing to Col. Terrence O'Shaughnessy Jan. 17 in Hangar 949 here. The general quickly pointed out that as long as he had the podium, he was still the 35th Fighter Wing commander
  • Warrior of the Week

    Name: Staff Sgt. Claudia Hererra Organization: 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron Duty title: Material control NCO in charge Hometown: Brooklyn "Sergeant Herrera is responsible for ordering every part needed to maintain over 1,000 vehicles here. Last month she attained an amazing 1.5 percent vehicle NMCS rate...2 percent below Pacific Air Force's
  • Warrior of the Week

    Name: Tech. Sgt. Ines R. Dunsmore Organization: 35th Fighter Wing Duty title: 35th Fighter Wing executive information management NCOICHometown: Victoria, Texas "Tech. Sgt. Dunsmore is an exceptional Airman and professional who has performed brilliantly in a highly visible and critical position. Her relentless dedication to the mission, coupled with
  • Leadership school provides essential leadership skills to Airmen

    The next generation of noncommissioned officers graduated Airman Leadership School Dec. 7. Throughout the six-week course, 32 students were exposed to new leadership styles and improved their knowledge of Air Force standards, drill and communication skills. The outstanding performers of ALS class 07-A were: John L. Levitow Award: Senior Airman
  • Reducing energy consumption everyone's responsibility

    In order for Misawa to meet the Energy Policy Act of 2005 goal for fiscal year 2007 we will need to reduce our energy consumption by 1.4 percent. The policy act affects the entire federal government. That may not sound like much, but to make it happen it will take everyone on base being smarter about their energy consumption. Here are some ideas on
  • Keep your pets safe this holiday season

    The holiday season can be a joyous time; however, it can also be a dangerous time for pets. These tips will help you protect the family's furry or feathered friends. Toxic plants (lilies, mistletoe and poinsettia): Many holiday bouquets include lilies which can cause kidney failure in cats if eaten. Mistletoe can cause severe heart problems, while
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