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  • Air Force launches 'E-Mail for Life' initiative

    Air Force Communications Agency officials are launching an initiative called E-Mail for Life, or E4L. The program is projected to save money, jumpstart the consolidation of the service's multiple e-mail systems and provide senior leaders the capability to e-mail every Air Force member directly. "The

  • Air Force and Navy train together during fuel spill exercise

    With ships coming in and out of the port, there's always the possibility for accidents. A Navy fuel facility at Hachinohe port provides fuel to Misawa Air Base. If an oil spill happens there the response must be quick and effective. While the facility has its own people trained to respond to such

  • Misawa colonel scores 100 on four fitness tests

    He's one of a handful of Airmen at Misawa who scored a perfect 100 on his last physical fitness test. But he decided to take things a step further by scoring 100 on his last four fitness tests, using the standard for males, ages 25 and under. Colonel Arnold Holcomb is 48 and is the 35th Mission

  • Questions, answers from Townhall meeting

    The first town-hall meeting for family members of more than 700 servicemembers deployed for the current Air and Space Expeditionary Force Rotation was held June 21 in the Mokuteki Ballroom.Housing renovations Q. I'm residing in a housing unit that is scheduled for renovation. The other units in my

  • Uniform updates

    In attempts to beat the anticipated rush to clothing sales for the new Airman Battle Uniform this October, some of you may be tempted to buy the uniforms online from commercial vendors. Some Websites even advertise "certified" uniforms that will be available for delivery as early as August. Air

  • Misawa Airmen earn CCAF degrees

    The following Misawa personnel received their Community College of the Air Force degrees during a graduation ceremony June 21. Beginning with basic training and depending on their specialty, Airmen earn 12 to 72 accredited hours through their technical training, putting them on track to earn an