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  • Dedicated Crew Chief Ceremony 2021

    Twenty-two 14th Aircraft Maintenance Unit Dedicated Crew Chiefs were selected on Aug. 6, 2021
  • SAMFE: Being there for Airmen and Families

    Found at overseas bases or deployed locations, SAMFE is a joint initiative based on a U.S. Army program that was established when officials realized the lack of medical care available to victims of sexual assault who are stationed overseas or in a contingency area.
  • Wild Weasel Walk-Through: BX and Commissary

    U.S. Air Force Colonel Jesse Friedel saw what the Base Exchange and the Commissary had to offer. Both are military installation retail and grocery stores that allow military members to shop for their needs.
  • “Port Dawg” Challenge Training

    Airmen from the 35th LRS Ground Transportation helped prepare and train JASDF members on forklift operations, procedures and exercises in preparation for the 2021 Hickam Air Force Base “Port Dawg” Challenge. The “Port Dawg” Challenge is an aerial port competition created by Air Force Reserve Command to promote professionalism, demonstrate global mission capabilities, and help identify best practices to improve wartime readiness. This joint training ensures a responsive, resilient and lethal force to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific region.
  • Misawa's Cultural Day Celebration

    Organizations such as the Misawa's Gay Straight Alliance, Hispanic American Heritage Committee, African American Heritage Association and Misawa Asian and Pacific Islanders had the opportunity to educate others on their cultures through food, conversations and decorated booths.
  • Wild Weasel Walk-Through: 35th Aerospace Medicine Squadron Fight Medicine Flight

    U.S. Air Force Col. Jesse J. Friedel, 35th Fighter Wing commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Joey R. Meininger, 35th Fighter Wing command chief, conducted a Wild Weasel Walk-Through. During the walk-through, leadership met members of the 35th Aerospace Medicine Squadron (AMS) Flight Medicine Flight. The flight provides medical services to aircrew who regularly fly throughout the year ensuring they are fit to perform their duties.
  • Misawa recognizes Airmen fundraising for the AFAF

    Earlier this week U.S. Air Force Col. Jesse Friedel, 35th Fighter Wing commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Kevin Eberlin, 35th Operations Group chief enlisted manager, recognized eight Airmen for their contribution in fundraising money for the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF). The AFAF’s goal is to assist members in the Air Force from Airmen to widows who are in need of assistance financially. The recognized Airmen worked as liaisons for the wing, promoting and informing other Airmen on how to donate to the program. Misawa raised 91 percent of its goal and was 2nd place in PACAF for total donations.
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