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More than 25 non-commissioned officers and senior NCO’s attended the week-long First Sergeant Symposium at Misawa Air Base, Japan, Oct. 20, 2017. Symposium prepares Misawa members for first sergeant roles
A diamond centered on a chevron comes with a plethora of responsibilities and embodies the morale, discipline, duty, experience and knowledge within a unit.First sergeants, commonly referred to as ‘Shirts,’ dedicate themselves to the needs of Airmen, including their health, morale, discipline and welfare. Attendees of the biannual First Sergeant
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In the glow light Stronger together: JASDF, U.S. Airmen build bonds during resiliency day
Resiliency days are a familiar, recurring concept among the U.S. Air Force community and focus on Comprehensive Airman Fitness to build and maintain a thriving population.  The 35th Fighter Wing Staff Agencies took its scheduled day one step further, here, Oct. 27. The 35th FWSA conducted its resiliency events alongside the Japan Air Self-Defense
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Shim Shimery, shim shimery Team Misawa beautifies Lake Ogawara campsites
Team Misawa Airmen rid Lake Ogawara, Misawa City, Japan, campsites of debris, leaving them safer and more beautiful for the local community to enjoy, Oct. 28.The four-man team walked along a half-mile bend, picking up approximately 100 pounds of trash, ranging from small plastic bottles to a toilet seat that drifted to shore from the lake. They
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Team Misawa supports Wisconsin guardsmen, executes mission Team Misawa supports Wisconsin guardsmen, executes mission
Badgers aren’t normally considered flying animals, but when you give them some tools, an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet engine and a cool facility, they are more than capable to provide fully-functional jet engines that power highly-maneuverable aircraft.The 35th Maintenance Squadron backed four Air National Guardsmen from the 115th Fighter Wing, better
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Annual Range Day event at Draughon Range in Misawa, Japan, Oct. 26, 2017. Range Day showcases Wild Weasel mission
More than 340 Airmen and family members attended the annual Range Day event hosted by the 35th Operations Group at Draughon Range outside Misawa AB, Oct. 26.“Range Day allows Team Misawa to interact with different squadrons from around the base and see how they all act as pieces of a puzzle that fit together flawlessly to make each mission a
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Looking through the compass Soldiering through annual land navigation course
With weight wearing down on their backs and darkness engulfing the morning, members of the Delta Detachment, 1st Space Company, rucked through the backwoods of Misawa Air Base, Japan, Oct. 18.Only equipped with headlamps, a compass, a topographic map and a protractor, Soldiers made their way through the dense wooded area for land navigation
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Squint Squint Misawa Airmen 'scrape' together new idea
Have you ever wondered a no-fail way to make your boss happy? It's easy -- get your aircraft in the air, quicker, and save money while doing it.Two Airmen from the 35th Maintenance Squadron did just that by innovating a process to overcome old paint and unreliable tools.When paint on the aircraft reaches maximum service life, the jets are unable to
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Airman Drummer Beats Adversity With Style
35 Fighter Wing Public Affairs
September 14, 2017 | 2:22
Those who know him would normally describe him as soft-spoken and reserved, but life is anything but quiet for this musically-inclined Airmen.