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  • Flu POD exercises 35th MDG epidemic readiness

    When the risk of a contagious disease threatens people at Misawa Air Base, the 35th Medical Group has minimal time to ensure their safety and to vaccinate the entire population. In efforts to strengthen this capability, medical experts used this year’s flu vaccine as a preliminary exercise to

  • EOD: Locate, identify, neutralize

    The motto, “initial success or total failure,” fuels Airmen with the 35th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal flight to think outside the fuse box and accept nothing less than perfection when performing their duties.The EOD mission is to locate, identify and neutralize explosive

  • First sergeants: More than a shirt

    There can be times when personnel need more help than their supervisors can offer, so the Air Force provides another outlet.First sergeants, also known as “shirts,” hold a position granted to master sergeants and above, and promote general health, discipline, and career progression of all assigned

  • Jets cannot fly without supply

    There are several shops within the 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron tasked with providing responsive logistics support to the F-16 Fighting Falcons’ worldwide expeditionary operations.Amongst the shops is the aircraft parts store and the individuals who oversee every item being attached to an

  • Misawa physical therapy: Getting bodies back in motion

    When Airmen suffer from illness or injury, motor functions can be adversely compromised creating a need for a trained specialist.Providing services that help restore function, improve mobility and relieve pain, the 35th Medical Operations Squadron physical therapy team works closely with patients to

  • U.S., Japan jets wow crowds during Misawa Air Fest 2016

    On an early Sunday morning, the base's Friendship Gate opened ushering thousands of excited Japanese nationals through to make their way to the flightline, Sept. 11, for Misawa Air Fest 2016.“We wanted to open Misawa Air Base to the public in partnership with our Japan Air Self-Defense Force allies

  • Bilateral exercise prepares JASDF, USAF for airshow

    MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- Midday, a loud boom echoed across Misawa’s flight line during a bilateral emergency management exercise led by the Japanese Air Self Defense Force, Aug. 31.The exercise was held to prepare USAF and JASDF members in the case of a scenario where a suicide bomber detonates an

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