Multi-Domain Airman training kicks off

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class China M. Shock
  • 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
More than 25 Airmen from the 35th Operations Support Squadron, 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron, 35th Civil Engineer Squadron, 35th Force Support Squadron and 35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron teamed up to enhance their readiness by participating in the first Multi-Domain Airman training at Misawa Air Base, Japan, Jan. 29.

The purpose of this training is to create Airmen who are proficient in multiple areas outside of their own designated career field specialty.

“The theme for Misawa’s MDA training is to be fast, light, agile and adaptable,” said Maj. Daniel Schrieber, the 35th Fighter Wing Inspector General. “Across the board, I’ve heard nothing but excitement from Airmen who are eager to take the opportunity to learn from their peers with different skillsets.”

This program is designed to create highly flexible and multi-crafted Airmen, ensuring no Airman is a single point of failure.

“If power production personnel go down we’ve got Airmen from the 35th FSS and 35th MXS to operate the generator and know procedures so the wing can generate and deploy aircraft,” said Senior Master Sgt. Jeremy Snowden, the 35th Civil Engineer Squadron heavy repair superintendent. “It’s a capability no other force has.”

The concept behind MDA training is to train Airmen to utilize Agile Combat Employment tactics, techniques and procedures.

“The idea behind ACE is to deploy and support Air Force operations with trained Airmen,” explained Master Sgt. Alexander Wieczorek, the 35th Fighter Wing IG wing plans and programs manager. “To accomplish this, Airmen must learn how to perform tasks and functions of other career fields to augment each other when needed, creating a multi-domain aspect.”

Training encompasses the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to successfully generate air combat power in an austere and expeditionary battlespace.

According to Schreiber, MDA training affords Misawa AB the opportunity to leverage individual skillsets and create force multipliers who are adept not only in their primary jobs but in other career fields as well in order to create cross-functional “Weasel Teams,” who can deploy at a moment’s notice.

This innovative training allows Misawa Air Base to be one-step ahead of its adversaries and be ready in the defense of the U.S. and Japan.

“Given the rapidly evolving theater we find ourselves in, this training allows us the opportunity to think differently and cohesively as innovative Airmen,” said Schreiber. “In the weeks ahead, when I think about seeing a 35th CS Airman marshaling in an F-16 Fighting Falcon, a 35th CES Airman integrating with a 35th SFS team, or a pilot helping to load ordnance onto his own aircraft, I foresee our capabilities being limitless.”