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  • Air Force discontinues use of base decals

    Air Force officials are working with other services to allow its people to enter installations without requiring them to display a base decal on their vehicles. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley recently ended use of the sticker, officially called a DD Form 2220, on Air Force installations due to cost, a lack of utility and long-term
  • Air Force fitness test now pass, fail

    Air Force officials here recently announced a change to physical fitness test standards for all Airmen. The "marginal" category has been eliminated, and the test will now be either pass or fail. Previously, Airmen who scored below 70 on the fitness test failed, and those who scored between 70 and 74.9 received a marginal rating, while Airmen who
  • More than 200 Misawa Airmen earn promotion

    More than 200 Misawa Airmen were among the 15,130 Air Force has selected out of 36,608 eligible senior airman for promotion to staff sergeant, a 41.33 percent selection rate. The staff sergeant selection rate rose 5.46 percent from last year. The Air Force released the promotion list Aug. 15. The complete list of selectees is posted to the Air
  • Mission Support Group has new commander

    Col. Mark Burns assumed command of the 35th Mission Support Group in a change of command ceremony at 8 a.m. at Hangar 949 Aug. 10. Colonel Burns took over from Col. Arnold Holcomb who ended a two-year tour here as commander of the MSG. He will serve next as the chief of Supply Chain Management Division, Headquarters Air Force, Pentagon, Washington
  • Environmental program exemplies good stewardship

    The 35th Fighter Wing's award winning Civil Engineer Squadron proves through numerous examples that its environmental programs here exemplify good stewardship in northern Japan. Caring for the environment is just one part of Misawa's responsibilities that the Airmen are involved in as they live on, train around and deploy from the base. "Misawa's
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