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Default Air Force Logo Fitness focus is on keeping you alive, not downsizing
It's no secret the Air Force has placed a renewed emphasis on physical training lately. Although we've always had a PT program, the recent revisions are the most significant we've seen in the past few years.Likewise, it's no secret that many Airmen are concerned about keeping up with the revised fitness standards. With the 1.5-mile run now
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Default Air Force Logo Facebook is not always the answer ... but it's a good start
I knew it was inevitable. Despite the cries from our cyberwarriors about vulnerabilities, I knew it was coming. No matter how many times the word "OPSEC" was thrown about, I knew it was inevitable that the demand for social media would find its way into the military workplace. Some refer to social Web sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr as "new
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MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- Staff Sgt. Daniel Bargielski, Pacific Air Forces Demonstration Team crewchief, stands in front of an F-16 Fighting Falcon in the team's signature black flight suit. Sergeant Bargielski made his final performance with the team at the Chitose Air Festival, Aug. 8. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Samuel Morse) Two years across the Pacific with the PACAF Demo Team
There are two types of servicemembers overseas. There are those who go to work, do their job and then go home while staying well within their comfort zone. Then there are those who get out into the local community, make a difference and leave with experience and memories they'll never forget.I returned from Chitose, Japan, Aug. 9, after performing
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Default Air Force Logo Where's your salute?
So there I was -- brand new to the base without a car. Anywhere I had to go, I got there on foot. On a hot, humid Misawa summer day, I walked past Risner Circle on my way to the dining facility and saw a strange, important-looking vehicle approaching. As my tensions rose and a drop of sweat trickled down my cheek, I had only a split second to
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MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- With all the social stigma and pressure caused by the media, the knee-jerk reaction might be to run as soon as they're in sight. However, learning the dos and don'ts of media interaction can make an interview a rewarding experience, enabling Airmen to share their story with the world. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Samuel Morse) Your message has impact
Imagine my surprise, when I scrolled down a computer screen through an online newspaper looking for my "three seconds of fame," just to find out one of my quotes was completely taken out of context. My jaw dropped. I thought I gathered the facts and crafted a thorough, direct response for the news reporter. I quickly learned how the media can turn
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Default Air Force Logo Memorial Day: Remembering our heroes
Airmen and their families who live and serve in the Pacific are surrounded by tangible reminders of the legacy of preceding generations. Our command's headquarters still bears the scars left by enemy weaponry during the attack on Hickam and Pearl Harbor that brought America into World War II. On Guam, monuments to the fierce fighting of that era
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The Critical Days of Summer safety campaign will begin May 28 and run through Sept. 7. (U.S. Air Force graphic)
AF safety officials launch Critical Days of Summer campaign
S is for Summer ... and Safety too!It's that time of year again! Spring is here in full force, summer is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing: time for Air Force safety officials to kick off the Critical Days of Summer safety campaign, May 28 through September 7. As much as you would like to think that nothing could happen to
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Default Air Force Logo Children deserve our full attention
April is Month of the Military Child and Child Abuse Prevention Month. You probably know by now that 2010 is also the Year of the Air Force Family. That's a lot of recognition of children, isn't it? Maybe that's because we realize the children of today are the parents, teachers and leaders of tomorrow. We understand that when children are raised
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Default Air Force Logo How to wear pride
It was day like any other day, but on this day around noon a young airman was standing in line at an automated teller machine. In a sharp voice from behind, someone called out "Airman!" The Airman turned to face the voice, at once he realized it came from a colonel. The Airman snapped to attention and saluted the officer answering with a "Yes,
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Default Air Force Logo Retreat; everyone is responsible for paying respect
It is not only part of our military customs and courtesies for members of the Armed Forces station in Japan to honor both the American and Japanese Flags during retreat, it is a requirement governed by Air Force Instruction. The proper action for military members in uniform is to come to attention, face the flags or music if the flags are not
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