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  • 14th AMU Airmen load today to fight tomorrow

    Weapons loaders work around the clock, rotating shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week ensuring every aircraft is armed properly and safely. “We train to sharpen our skills and maintain our readiness as weapons loaders,” expressed Master Sgt. Eric Sparks, a 35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron weapons loading element NCO in charge. “Our Airmen work day and night, ensuring we practice the best tactics and procedures for the safety of the U.S. and our host-nation.”
  • Samurais overtake Panthers in Misawa's 3rd quarter load competition

    Team Misawa Airmen competed in the quarterly load competition at Misawa Air Base, Japan, Nov. 9. This competition assessed 13th Aircraft Maintenance Unit and 14th AMU load members' ability to quickly and properly arm F-16 Fighting Falcons with munitions.
  • Master wood working Weasel creates custom art

    As the smell of fresh lumber hangs in the air, windows grow hazy from layers of sawdust and work orders flow in from every squadron, a skilled craftsman adamantly works to create masterpieces for all his customers. The 35th Force Support Squadron wood workshop is led by Yutaka Kashiwazaki, a 35th FSS woodshop master laborer who dedicates his
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