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Tag: 35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • Misawa F-16 Fighting Falcon painted, prepped for USFJ/CC

    Members of the 35th Maintenance Squadron completed the first full repaint of an F-16C Fighting Falcon for the first time in two years here.
  • Samurais overtake Panthers in Misawa's 3rd quarter load competition

    Team Misawa Airmen competed in the quarterly load competition at Misawa Air Base, Japan, Nov. 9. This competition assessed 13th Aircraft Maintenance Unit and 14th AMU load members' ability to quickly and properly arm F-16 Fighting Falcons with munitions.
  • 35th LRS Airmen shadow crew chiefs for a day

    Three Airmen with the 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron shadowed crew chiefs to expand their knowledge on maintenance and see a different side of the Air Force at Misawa Air Base, Japan, Sept. 6.
  • Falcon Feeder ‘soup’ports fight tonight posture

    Airmen are charged with staying combat ready 24/7, to uphold Misawa’s ‘fight tonight’ posture.The 35th Force Support Squadron Falcon Feeder provides a consistent venue for personnel to receive food anytime, feeding their efforts to get jets in the air, no matter which shift they work. The food service members provide three hot, ready to eat meals a
  • Misawa F-16s receive system upgrade to boost tactical power

    As years pass technology continuously progresses, including the F-16 Fighting Falcon avionics systems, a warfighting computer reaping the benefits of man’s technological advancements. The 35th Fighter Wing’s F-16 fleet began an avionics upgrade this week to further enhance the fleet’s readiness, situational awareness and tactical capabilities,
  • Maintenance Airman powers Misawa SEAD mission

    During an early afternoon, a soft warm breeze skirted across a flightline empty of the roar of F-16 Fighting Falcons preparing for another flight. In its place, tools clanking against metal echoed in the depths of a hangar. A crew chief worked diligently solving the most recent maintenance challenge placed in his path.   Dedicated crew chiefs are
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