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  • COMREL office holds inaugural essential oils class, builds community

    Team Misawa’s Public Affairs community relations office held their first-ever, free essential oils class, at Misawa Air Base, Japan, March 12.The event’s goal included connecting Airmen and families with a shared interest in healthy lifestyles while building on the social pillar of Comprehensive

  • Wing Broadcaster Selected as "3-slide" Airman

    Selection as the month's "3-slide" Airman, can even make a seasoned public affairs broadcast journalist anxious. While being designated as the 3-slide Airman is a chance for leadership to place a face with the name, it doesn't change the fact that there is still a job to do.

  • Finding happiness during the holidays

    Christmas music plays over the Exchange’s intercom as little children run around the store giggling and laughing with their parents. Seeing the kids, a sudden rush of loneliness sweeps across me as I realize it’s been three years since I was home for the holidays. Squashing the thought just as