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  • COVID-19 Testing Line Appreciation

    The team is made up of three offices dedicated to test the base's members. COVID Cell takes samples of people lining up in their cars to then bring in the samples to the lab so it can be tested. If tests turn out negative the member will find out through an email, but if it's positive the lab

  • Misawa Community Parade: standing stronger together

    The Misawa Community Action Team hosted the 2020 Misawa Community Parade: Standing Stronger Together to boost morale and unity, demonstrating community resilience at Misawa Air Base, Japan, June 3.The Misawa CAT brought base members together while operating under COVID-19 restrictions that came

  • For the 35th Fighter Wing, the mission continues

    The 35th Fighter Wing’s mission of projecting combat air power and defending the U.S. and Japan moves forward.“Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, our mission continues,” said Maj. David Dubel, the 14th Fighter Squadron director of operations. “This is a difficult yet opportune time for everyone to