Evaluation team chief praises Airmen on exercise

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. A.C. Eggman
  • 35th Fighter Wing public Affairs
The recently completed wing-wide operational readiness exercise (ORE) drew positive praise from the exercise evaluation team chief.

"It went very well," said Lt. Col. Andrew Dembosky, chief of 35th Fighter Wing plans, programs and inspections office. "People showed a lot of hard work and some improvement. It was evident across the wing that people were making an effort to get smarter, show a sense of realism and urgency."

More than 500 Airmen were challenged to prepare for deployment, process and palletize cargo equipment and personnel at Misawa during the first part of the exercise. Following an eleven-hour pause, the Airmen proved they could deploy downrange, set up Base X and employ air power in a combat environment during the second portion.

The pause allows Airmen to mentally shift from deploying to employing and operating in a wartime environment, said the colonel.

According to Colonel Dembosky, the combat employment readiness exercise (CERE) portion was a day shorter than normal because of the extra day off the wing received, but that was built into the plan.

While the wing demonstrated it could generate combat sorties and employ air power in combat and challenging environment, Airmen should remain vigilant and focused on learning as much as possible not just for the upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection, but so they can be prepared to do their job when they do deploy.

"People should take advantage of all training opportunities, make sure their chemical gear is properly marked, be fully knowledgeable on procedures, the Airman's Manual and what they are suppose to do in a combat environment," he said. "If they focus on their job and doing it well, then we will do well on the ORI."

The wing showed improvement in the areas of cargo, personnel processing, timeliness, the ability to survive and operate knowledge and self-aid and buddy care, said the colonel.

"What we need as a wing for ORI success is a sense of urgency and realism and be fully focused from the moment it starts," said Colonel Dembosky. "The wing's ORI in March will be our only chance to demonstrate to the Pacific Air Forces Inspector General we are fully competent to perform our wartime capability."