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'Unwavering professionalism' encouraged in all servicemembers

  • Published
  • By Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason Segedy
  • Detachment 10, Air Force News Agency
U.S. Forces in Japan's mission to keep peace and security in its area of responsibility is shouldered by each military member serving in the region, and USFJ leaders are encouraging all servicemembers to practice unwavering professionalism in everything they do.

Unwavering professionalism is a campaign to help servicemembers think about the choices they make while on or off duty and live up to their branch of services' core values.

"Unwavering professionalism is critical in our career field," said 1st Lt. Justin Porter, a navigator with the 36th Airlift Squadron here. "We have an inherent trust in the maintainers and the other crew members, and without unwavering professionalism we wouldn't have the confidence to fly, fight and perform our duties."

"As a noncommissioned officer, unwavering professionalism is ensuring my troops have the proper training and equipment to do their job correctly," said Tech. Sgt. Tony Sybirski, a C-130 engine mechanic with the 374th Maintenance Squadron. "It ensures we can provide the 36th Airlift Squadron with safe and reliable engines."

Sergeant Sybirski said he also makes sure his subordinates know how to maintain good conduct at all times.

"You're in the Air Force. You're in the military. You're supposed to act a certain way," said Airman 1st Class Nicholas Heyward, a C-130 crew chief with the 374th Maintenance Squadron. "Professionalism means that I'm doing my job correctly, doing it responsibly every day, whether anybody is looking at me or not."

It's especially important for servicemembers to conduct themselves with unwavering professionalism while in a host country. This behavior could ultimately lead to better relations with the Japanese community.

"Being in Japan, we not only have to govern ourselves accordingly," Airman Heyward said. "We also have to set a good example for our host nation.

"Whether others see our behavior or not -- it is about integrity," he said.

"For me, unwavering professionalism is living up to our core values and acting in a manner which is consistent with that," said Chief Master Sergeant Shawn Coyle, superintendent of the 374th Information Systems Flight.