67 Misawa E-6 make E-7 & 99 E-5s make E-6

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The Air Force selected 6,002 of 24,115 eligible technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant, and 7,314 of 39,797 eligible staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant.

At Misawa, 67 technical sergeants and 99 staff sergeants were informed of their selection for promotion at the end of the duty day June 14.

The master sergeant selection rate, 24.89 percent, rose 5.03 percent from last year, while this year's technical sergeant rate, 18.38 percent, rose 1.62 percent.

"The promotion quota was significantly higher this year, which directly relates to the increased promotion percentage," said Chief Master Sgt. Rusty Nicholson, enlisted promotion branch chief at the Air Force Personnel Center here. "A smaller eligibility pool, coupled with increased promotion quota allows the opportunity to promote more enlisted Airmen."

Congratulations to the following Misawa technical sergeants on their promotion selection to master sergeant: 

35th Fighter Wing
Jamie Anderson
Ines Dunsmore
Donald Hoobler
Kimberly Pfender
Dana Scumaci
Suzanne Trotman

35th Civil Engineer Squadron
Marcus Armstrong
Lamar Heard
William Light
Rodney Moore
Daniel Moss
Garnet Sampson
Lloyd Stinson II

35th Security Forces Squadron
Howard Darell
Gerald Dion Jr.
Anthony Reyes

35th Services Squadron
David Erwin

35th Contracting Squadron
John Rogers Jr. 

35th Mission Support Squadron
Dennis Nelson

35th Communications Squadron
Edward App
Jimmy Glover
Samuel Ishikawa
Jerome Manibusan

35th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Robert Cline Jr.
Christopher Dobbertin
Derrick Evans
Todd Hazuga
Anthony Maynor
Reginald McBride
Ronnie Pelayo
Noel Roque

35th Maintenance Group
David Olivares

35th Maintenance Squadron
Jeffrey Baker
Jerome Bristow
Wilfredo Canedo
David Gilbert
Laura Hernandez
Bobby Hines
Randy Howe
Josephine Krieger
Randy Pena
Kevin Stees
Christopher Stougard

35th Maintenance Operations Squadron
Jener Tiongson

35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
John Barber II
Roberto Hernandez
Jason Johnson
William Lauder
Timothy Tingle
Douglas Walston
Kevin Williams

35th Medical Operations Squadron
Rhonda Jones
Michael Silva

35th Operations Support Squadron
James Cocciolone

373rd Intelligence Group
Michelle Flatt
Maurice Mullinax

373rd Support Squadron
Peter Czajkowski
Patrick Hackman
Randy Hillsgrove
Ryan Hutchison
Sean Kidd
Donna Major

301st Intelligence Squadron
Eric Abraham
Douglas Hoyle
Jerry Krcik
Patrick Smith

The average master sergeant selectee score for the 07E7 master sergeant test cycle was 339.07 points, based on the following:

-- 134.42 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 62.57 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 61.83 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 32.13 Time in Grade
-- 35.46 Time in Service
-- 12.09 Decorations

The average master sergeant selectee has 4.27 years time in grade and 17.02 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to master sergeant from August to July 2008.

Congratulations to the following Misawa staff sergeants for their promotion selection to technical sergeant: 

35th Fighter Wing
Angela Eggman
Nicole Nixon
Carlos Rogers

35th Civil Engineer Squadron
Steven Adamic
Juan Aguilarmunoz
Mark Day
Donald Jones
Antonio Longoria
Christian Lyle
Ladaryl Maxville
Kenneth Wobse

35th Security Forces Squadron
Alberto Aleman
Paul Barentine
Dwight Mills
Jeremy Potts
Steven Richardson

35th Services Squadron
Catrina Bowers
John Dye
Nicole Oglesby

35th Mission Support Squadron
Eugene Scott

35th Communications Squadron
Kris Bennett
Angel Lindroth
Basilio Morales
Michael Parrish
Jason Rowland
Robert Smith
Eric Uptegrove
Jason Zeigler

35th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Jeremy Britten
Laurel Degelau
Aaron Gagnon
Robert Hanley Jr.
Michael Love Jr.
Robert Morgan II
James Trussell
Kenneth Wobse

35th Maintenance Squadron
Kashin Allenvelmar
Allan Araneta
Thomas Carlisle
Janet Dostart
Jonathan Dulaney
Alexander Grupp
Dale Jacobs
Aaron Lerding
Brian Keckmann
Vaughn Orbash
Henry Rafan
Nathan Riddle
Josue Rivera
Joseph Roach
Jason Tilley
Kevin Winkie

35th Maintenance Operations Squadron
Daniel Mayo

35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Michael Cowhey
Patrick Curlin
Frederick Ellis
Justin Mollohan
Richard Moloney
Michel Nelson
Jeremy Page
Aaron Piepgrass
Andre Rice
Michael Spry
Dante Quintiliani
Chandler Vazquez

35th Dental Squadron
Adilah Leathers

35th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Catherine Bennett
Misty Delisle
Jason Peters

35th Medical Operations Squadron
Ami Bruce
Rodney Embree
Jason Schroeder
Lydia Delatorre
Scott Super
Shameka Swinson

35th Operations Support Squadron
Gregory Adams
Anthony Raciborski

13th Fighter Squadron
Edward Jones III

372nd Training Squadron
Bredrick Bussey

373rd Support Squadron
Michael Alvarez
Timothy Bouldin
Crey Crane
Eric Davis
Daniel Deornellas
Michael Erb
Edward Gadd
Jonathan Gifford
Christopher Henry
Trevor McIntyre Jr
Joshua Planck
Arasin Staubly
Timothy Sullivan
Howard Travis
Mark Webster
Dennis Wojdyla

301st Intelligence Squadron
Mark Cervantes
Michael Harbin
Brian Hipp
Maurice Staley

The average technical sergeant selectee score for the 07E6 technical sergeant test cycle was 317.17 points, based on the following:

-- 133.30 Enlisted Performance Reports
-- 60.86 Promotion Fitness Exam
-- 53.90 Specialty Knowledge Test
-- 37.98 Time in Grade
-- 24.08 Time in Service
-- 5.40 Decorations

The average technical sergeant selectee has 5.25 years time in grade and 10.91 years in service. Those selected will be promoted to technical sergeant from August to July 2008.

"There are approximately 5,900 non-commissioned officers who haven't tested yet because they are currently deployed or have just returned from a deployment," Chief Nicholson said. "They will be allowed to test once they return and will automatically be considered for supplemental promotion. Supplemental results are announced on a monthly basis until everyone has been considered."

The complete list of selectees is posted on the AFPC's enlisted promotions Web page.