Uniform updates

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In attempts to beat the anticipated rush to clothing sales for the new Airman Battle Uniform this October, some of you may be tempted to buy the uniforms online from commercial vendors. 

Some Websites even advertise "certified" uniforms that will be available for delivery as early as August. Air Force officials warn that these uniforms are not certified by the Air Force and may not meet Air Force specifications for quality and safety. All uniforms to be worn by Airmen on duty should be purchased through AAFES or Defense Supply Center Philadelphia when they become available. 

- By purchasing knockoff uniforms, Airmen risk obtaining low-quality garments that may not wear as long as the garments obtained from certified manufacturers and vendors; certified vendors have replacement and exchange policies for defective garments purchased through them. 

- Besides DSCP and AAFES, no commercial vendors currently have Air Force certification for the manufacture and sale of the ABU. 

- The knockoff uniforms may not have the inherent non-infrared quality that makes them
undetectable by night-vision equipment, a safety feature necessary for Airmen at deployed locations. 

Additionally, you can expect some changes to the Air Force physical training uniforms over the next year. Uniform board officials are working several issues presented by Airmen since the release of the existing uniform. Plans are also in the works for new optional items such as shorts for long-distance runners, long-sleeve T-shirt, sweatshirt, and sleeveless, fleece vest. 

Some of the PT uniform changes include:
- Modified lining in the running shorts for improved fit 

- Alternative fabric for the running suit to reduce weight 

- Lighter weight fabric for short-sleeve T-shirt