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Wife cries for joy as deployed husband returns home

  • Published
  • By MCSN Shane Arrington
  • Det 12, Air Force News Agency
Earlier this year Senior Airman Gena Armstrong kissed her husband goodbye before his deployment to Iraq. She stood with a crowd of people waiting to welcome her loved one back home June 9.

There were weather and mechanical problems that delayed the return of her husband Tech. Sgt. Barry Armstrong, 35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, and the rest of the 14th Fighter Squadron, but when the jet landed on the Misawa runway, and with tears forming in her eyes Airman Armstrong only had one thing to say.

"He's finally here," said Airman Armstrong, Air Force Agency, Detachment 12.

Wasting no time, as soon as she saw her husband within hearing distance she yelled out "Barry!" and he wasted no time making a bee line to hug his wife.

"I missed you so much," she said through tears.

One of the first things returning Airmen have to do upon their return is to check in, but Airman Armstrong wasn't letting her husband out of her arms so quickly.

"I'm not done hugging you," she said, pulling him back to her as he tried to move to the check out table.

But eventually she let him go and start his checking in process.

One of the things she missed the most while her husband was away was making dinner alone, she said. But now that he's back, there will be no dinners for one in the Armstrong household anymore.