Enhanced Support Services Offered at Tower 220

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman William Rodriguez
  • 35th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

In a recent development, efforts have been made to facilitate easier access to support services for personnel at Misawa Air Base. The initiative aims to streamline the process for those seeking assistance within the Misawa community.

Multiple helping agencies collaborated to implement the move, creating a more accessible and welcoming environment to support Team Misawa members. The decision reflects a commitment to ensuring that support services are readily available to address the diverse needs of personnel across base. The move is anticipated to improve the overall well-being of airmen and guardians by removing potential barriers that may hinder them from seeking help.

“We are the first base in the Pacific Air Forces to establish an Integrated Prevention & Response Center and with it we can meet the United States Air Force’s vision of providing holistic prevention & response services under one roof. We provide a one-stop-shop for interpersonal violence prevention and seamless victim/client services.” 
said James Bibbee, 35th Fighter Wing command support coordinator

Wing leadership recognizes the importance of ensuring readily available and accessible support. They visited Tower 220 to witness firsthand the challenges and opportunities for improvement. Their insights played a crucial role in shaping the collaborative efforts of multiple agencies to create a more user-friendly system.

“We hoped to show Misawa leadership our successes since executing the yearlong $1M facility refurbishment.” Bibbee explained. “Along with our accomplishments, we also wanted to highlight some remaining challenges and limitations.”

The implementation of this initiative emphasizes the military's commitment to the welfare of its personnel, recognizing the importance of providing easily accessible avenues for seeking support. As the new system takes effect, it is anticipated that airmen stationed at Misawa will experience a smoother and more efficient process when seeking help from the available support services.