Grissom Dining Facility closed for renovations

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As part of the Misawa Air Base Campus Plan, the Grissom Dining Facility (DFAC) will be closed for renovation beginning Feb. 27, 2023. The planned renovation is scheduled to be completed in January 2024.

During the renovation period, the DFAC operations will transition to Building 1958, previously known as the North Base Edgren High School. DFAC operations will remain at this location throughout the duration of the renovation process.

On Feb. 26, midnight meal services will not be offered at the current Main Base Grissom DFAC location, in preparation for the move, and will not be offered at the North Base location until March 6 when full operations will resume. See further below for hours of operations.

North Base DFAC Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

Saturday and Sunday

Breakfast: 0515-0730
Lunch: 1015-1330
Dinner: 1615-1930
*Midnight Meal: 2200-0030

Brunch: 0630-1300
Dinner 1700-1900

*Not available until March 6, 2023.

To assist service members who do not have transportation to the North Base DFAC location, a shuttle bus will run in 40-minute increments during the meal periods, excluding midnight meals. Travel time to and from Building 1958 is approximately 15 minutes. The shuttle pickup and dropoff location will be in the Torii Building parking lot.

Box meals can also be arranged for pickup for members who are on quarantine, quarters, or otherwise unable to travel to the North Base DFAC for meal services. Members will need to coordinate with their direct supervisor or first sergeant to place meal requests for pickup. Request can be submitted to 226-2966/3997.

Finally for those members who do not wish to use the North Base DFAC, the Falcon Feeder and other approved Campus Dining facilities will still be available during the renovation period.

For more information, please refer to the Questions and Answers below.


Q. If a member does not have a POV/transportation, how will they get to the North Base DFAC?

A. There will be a shuttle bus that runs in 40-minute increments during the entire meal period. Pickup/Dropoff bus stop will be at Torii Bldg. 624 parking lot.

Q. Will members still be able to use other approved feeding facilities?
A. The Falcon Feeder and Campus Dining facilities will still be available for eligible members to use during our renovation period.

Q. Who is authorized to utilize the new location?
A. All ESM, TDY and Cash paying customers (credit/debit cards are accepted)

Q. If I don't want to utilize the North Base DFAC, Falcon Feeder or Campus Dining facilities, can I elect receive BAS?
A. No. It is not preference based, members residing in the dormitories are required to be enrolled in the ESM loyalty program.

Q. Why won't there be a shuttle provided for Midnight meal service?
A. Based on current feeding support, numbers do not show a need. DFAC leadership will monitor usage and if there is a need, a midnight shuttle will be added to the schedule.

Q. How long will the DFAC be located on North Base?
A. Estimated 10 months to 1 year for renovations.

Q. Can Wing/Group leadership, Officers, Chiefs, First Sergeants continue to conduct quality of life visits and/or make breakfast/lunch reservations?
A. Yes. However, the space and layout at North Base is quite different and will require coordination prior to confirmation. Please contact 226-2086/2966 for assistance.

Q. What if I get COVID and have to quarantine or placed on quarters, how will I get meals from the North Base DFAC?
A. Members will need to notify their direct supervisors/1st Sergeant to place meal requests for pickup. Requests can be submitted to 226-2966/3997.