RURK training empowers Japanese partners

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Grace Nichols
  • 35th Fighter Wing

The 35th Civil Engineer Squadron Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance Flight conducted Rapid Utility Repair Kit (RURK) training with Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) airmen, teaching them to make repairs to fuel lines in an emergency Nov. 12.

The training, involving 11 U.S Air Force and 10 JASDF members, covered the fundamentals of quickly repairing ruptured or damaged aviation fuel lines.

The training went over the various fuel line repairs American and Japanese partners may encounter, ranging from punctures to more severe issues such as total fuel line failure requiring extensive attention. This is the first bilateral RURK training with JASDF partners at Misawa Air Base, opening the gateway to exchanging information, innovative ideas and valuable training.

The cohesion of Japanese and U.S. forces during training exercises like this aids in enhancing in the 50-year-old plus security alliance maintained by the two nations, competition against near-peer adversaries, the joint team, and our international partners.

“Training our Japanese partners is important because we may need to call upon them to help make repairs during contingency operations,” said Staff Sgt. Christian Castaneda-Magana, the 35th CES Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance Flight primary RURK trainer. “They practice on the actual equipment used to make repairs, placing them in the mindset of asking questions and thinking of innovative ways to repair their own fuel lines.”

The exchange of knowledge keeps our Airmen and partners ready for several circumstances surrounding fuel line repair during contingency and in garrison operations, providing continuity for future endeavors.

“This training strengthens U.S. and Japanese relations in order to lend each other our strengths,” said Airman 1st Class Riley Jarrett, a 35th CES Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance Flight journeyman. “Our Japanese partners may have a different solution to problems than we have, and having a strong diplomatic relation with our host nation helps us to progress and grow together.”

Valuing the alliance with Japan, Misawa Air Base continues conducting bilateral training, bolstering knowledge and unity to ensure regional stability and security.